30 Day KPOP Bias Challenge: Day 7

Your bias in (1) SHINee (2) SS501 (3) Super Junior

Day 7- Taemin, Hyun Joong, Ryeowook

Lee Taemin is one of my top male biases in KPOP. I try not to freak out every time I see him. Currently, my favourite thing about him is his improvement. If you watch SHINee’s debut music video, “Replay” then watch his solo debut music video for “Danger”, you would be able to see the evident improvement not only in his dancing but in his singing as well. Words cannot describe how proud I am of him. He has truly grown up.

I do not know the SS501 members as a group, but I know them individually through their solo promotions. I really started liking Kim Hyun Joong from his “Breakdown” and “Please” promotions. He was also in the first drama that I watched, “Boys Over Flowers”, so it was only natural that my interest would be more pulled towards him.

Ryeowook is my favourite member of Super Junior. He was one of my first biases when I just started gaining an interest in KPOP. I remember seeing him in Super Junior M’s “Super Girl” music video and thinking ‘This guy has a really funny face. I really love his voice though”. The rest was history.

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