S/mileage changes their name to ANGERME


Recently, S/mileage’s new name ANGERME was announced during their fall tour. ANGERME is a combination of the French words for ‘angel’ and ‘tear’ and is pronounced as “Anjurumu”. Member Nakanishi Kana recommended this name.

To be honest I really do not like this name. I believe that S/mileage was a much more innovative and visually appealing name for the group. The meaning for ANGERME is a complete contradiction to the meaning of S/mileage.

Many fans share the same sentiment as I do but I am sure that the name will grow on all of us sooner or later. It was also announced that their 18th single “Taiki Bansei / Otome no Gyakushuu” will be released in February 2015. Look out for ANGERME as a 9-nin group!


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