New Hello! Project Unit Announced!

h!p new unit

A new year brings new changes to Hello Project! On the first day of Hello Project’s Winter Tour a new unit made up of entirely Hello Pro Kenshuusei was announced!

The members of this unit are as followed:

Fuji Rio (15)

Hirose Ayaka (15)

Nomura Minami (14)

Ogawa Rena (14)

Hamaura Ayano (14)

Taguchi Natsumi (14)

Wada Sakurako (13)

Inoue Rei (13)

The name of this new unit will be announced later this month and they will release their 1st Indies single in March.

This is huge and exciting news for Hello Project fans everywhere. Even though Berryz Kobo will be disbanding in a few months, it seems as plans are already in motion to fill this missing gap. I am not saying that this group will act as a replacement for Berryz Kobo (no group can) but with these departures and new groups, there is definitely a new Hello Project underway.

I am almost certain that this unit will become a major group. I am really excited to see what talents these girls have to display and how well they work together to make this group successful. Even though I may not know much about the newer Kenshuusei, Ayaka and Rei, I still have a lot of faith in this group. One thing that is certain about every Hello Project group is that they always improve and they are always determined. It will be no different with this group.

Congrats to the girls and I look forward to seeing them perform throughout the year!

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