M O R E by 4TE

As I previously mentioned in another post, there is a JPOP girl group called 4TE that debuted earlier this month. My first music video review for this year will be based on their debut music video, “M O R E”.

“MORE” is just one of the songs from their double A-side single “M O R E/ Ippozutsu” which will be released on January 8th so make sure to check out their music video above and if you like it you can purchase their full album through Band Camp.


Before I comment on the actual music video, I just want to point out that their group name is very innovative. It is simple but still unique and eye-catching. It is very original and this is a plus for me because it seems that recently rookie groups in the KPOP and JPOP genre try way too hard to come up with a group name and just seem to come up with these wacky acronyms and names that supposedly represents some long and fancy meaning. Good job 4TE, I really like your name and how it’s written.

Going back to the music video, I really had no idea what to expect. The video started off with a seizure warning and that got me even more curious to see what the music video is about. It started off a little slow with a close up solo sung in English and piano and synthesizer sounds in the background. It continued with more energetic electronic beats and a montage of close ups and dance shots. To be honest, it reminded me a lot of the format for a Hello Project video.

The song is really catchy. The electronic beats and repetitive words have been replaying in my head since I watched the music video for the first time. I was really interested to see non-Japanese natives singing and performing a Japanese song. However, there were still a lot of English words used throughout the video. This girl group is truly international and I commend them for being courageous and ambitious and tackling a music industry that is very competitive and hard to breakthrough. All the girls are pretty good singers individually, they just need to work a little harder for their voices to flow together. Jenny’s high note near the end was really an eye-opener. Also, their choreography did not really pop out at me but I still took into account that this is still a fairly new group and I am not sure if ALL the members have a strong background in dance.

The members of this group are not able to see each other often and often communicate through the internet, so it is an amazing that they were able to pull this off. The song was catchy and fun but they are still a rookie group so there is space for improvement in their music videos and performance. They have potential and are still working hard to be successful and enter a really competitive market. A lot of my friends already like this group as well so show them your support and I will be keeping my eye on this group.

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