Fated to Love You Drama Review

Fated To Love You Cover


Warning: Possible Spoiler Alert!!!

Drama Summary: After a one-night stand during a trip to Macau, a rich heir (Lee Gun) and a typical pushover (Kim Mi Young) are expecting a child and forced into marriage. This newly wedded couple faces all the problems in the world including a jealous ex-girlfriend, a period of estrangement and even a miscarriage, but they defy all odds and prove that they are fated for one another as they eventually fall in love and live a happy life.


Despite my very clichéd drama summary, this is possibly the best drama I watched last year. It contained the typical drama elements such as a chaebol heir, poor unfortunate female soul, the other side character that has affection for this poor unfortunate soul (Daniel Kim), a jealous ex-girlfriend (Sera) and the mistress and her son that lusted after the position and inheritance of the chaebol. But even with these typical drama elements, the show was unpredictable in many ways. I loved the fact that this drama was able to break out of the predictable and overly done stereotype that dramas seem to have.

Every episode had me on my toes. There was always something going on to keep the viewer interested. My emotions were all over the place with each episode. The plot really blew me away and the story really flowed well. There were also many comedic elements that had me dying with laughter. I especially loved the fact that there were a lot of taboo subjects such as infidelity; sexual references, abortion and divorce included in the plot that made it stand out from all the other dramas airing around that time. It made the drama seem a lot more real and relevant to this current generation.

Many dramas (e.g. My Love From the Stars) tend to bring up new problems near the latter half of the series and rush to solve every problem they introduced in the last episode making it have an overwhelming amount of drama and a lot of predictable and sometimes perplexing resolutions. Fated to Love You did not do this and was consistent throughout the whole series. This made the last episode a lot more bearable to watch. All the matters that were introduced earlier in the series were solved near the end without including a random event or problem in the last few episodes that left viewers feeling overwhelmed.

The plot was excellent but the characters made me love the drama even more. Each character had a distinct personality and story that enhanced the plot. I loved the fact that these characters were not static. Even as time elapsed in the show each character developed and changed with time. Lee Gun experienced a change in physical style; Kim Mi Young had gained confidence and a stronger demeanor and even side characters like Lee Gun’s younger stepbrother, Yong, experienced development. I can tell that a lot of time and effort was placed into the characters’ development and I hope that this is something I see more often in future dramas. Plot is the main essence of a drama, but it is nothing without prolific characters.

Lee Gun was definitely my favorite character in this series. He had an eccentric personality (and laugh) that always made me laugh and pulled me deeper into my obsession with this drama. Jang Hyuk really played this role well. This was one time that I was rooting for the main character in the typical love triangle. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Daniel Kim (and Choi Jin Hyuk) but my admiration for Lee Gun was much more and I believed that he was a better choice for Mi Young than Daniel Kim.

Another aspect of the drama that I loved was the soundtrack. This was a slight surprise to me because I never really notice the music within a drama. The music never really appeals to me or I am just too absorbed with what is going on in the drama to even notice the music playing in the background. However, the singers and songs picked for this show really blended in well and heighten the experience of the drama for me.

I would really recommend watching this drama if you haven’t already done so. It is really different from your typical Korean drama and will keep you interested from start to finish. I binged on this drama and finished it much quicker than I wanted to. The show was really that great. I really hope to see more shows like this in the future.



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