Itazura na Kiss ~Love in Tokyo~

Warning: Possible Spoiler Alert!!!

It has been a while since I have watched a Japanese drama so it took me a while to readjust to the zany scenes and eccentric plots. This drama was readapted from the manga; therefore I was not surprised to see typical drama elements such as an overly clingy and hyperactive lead female, a rich and aloof love interest and a jealous female supporting character.

Initially, Kotoko’s character annoyed me because my personality type is the exact opposite to hers, but throughout the series I found myself relating to her in some ways and cheering her on. On the other hand, I was constantly annoyed with Irie throughout the series because he was so nonchalant, self-centered and always played with Kotoko’s heart and feelings.

This drama constantly keeps you on your toes because in each episode there was a new problem that continuously seemed to push them further apart. While this built up suspense with each episode, I believe this slightly disrupted the flow of the overall storyline. My suspense and anticipation was more or less worn out by the end of the series.

Speaking of the end of the series, I was rather disappointed with its end. It seemed as if the writers rushed to tie together loose ends that were unsolved from earlier episodes and slightly overdid it by rushing them into marriage at the end of the last episode. I understand that this creates a plot for the second season but a lot of events happened in so little time. It reduced the realism of the show.

I am currently watching the second season of the show and I have minimal complaints so far. Besides the few things I mentioned above, the drama was generally enjoyable, so I have high expectations for this new season.

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