30 Day Bias Challenge: Day 13

Your bias in (1) DalmatianĀ (2) ZE:A (3) U-KISS

Day 13- Daniel, Dongjun & Kevin

I used to really like Dalmatian (now DMTN) but with the passing years my interest in them has dwindled. I did not like their last two releases and due to certain circumstances they have not been active. Although he is currently serving time for marijuana sale and use, Daniel will always be my favourite member of Dalmatian because he is the only member that I really got to know well and had an interest in.

Dongjun is my favourite member of ZE:A. I remember seeing him for the first time during their “Here I Am” promotions and instantly falling in love with his voice and cute face. I started liking him even more when I got to see his personality through the variety shows he has featured in.

Initially, Dongho was my favourite member of U-Kiss, but since his departure I feel myself being drawn to the zany Kevin. I love him for his crazy antics! I’m probably even more biased towards him because he is fluent in English.

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