Baby Kara’s Sojin Passes Away. Rest In Peace.



Today, I learned of some very sad news about Baby Kara’s Sojin. She passed away at due to apparent suicide. This is very heart-breaking news and I hope that she rests in peace. My condolences go out to her family.

Sojin was my favorite trainee during the Baby Kara show. She was a favorite among fans globally. Many people were disappointed that she did not make the final cut to become a new Kara member. She had a lot of talent and potential. It was evident that she worked hard to gain the skills that she possessed and had a lot of determination to debut as an idol. I was hoping to see her in the new girl group, April, from DSP Media, but she terminated her contract with the company and was not chosen for this group. Sojin has been suffering from depression and many people speculate that this is what led to the decision that she made. I cannot help but to think about the show when Sojin stated that this was her last chance to make her debut. I remember her breaking down into tears as she relayed her struggles, familial issues and constant rejection throughout her years as a trainee. Due to the current circumstances and thinking back to that specific moment has left me brokenhearted.

The music industry is a highly competitive field. Only a few are able to debut within and even less are successful after their debut. Thousands of trainees give up their youth and dedicate their lives to training with hopes of debuting before a certain age. After giving up so much of their lives, I can only imagine how heartbreaking and dreadful each rejection is.

Sojin was beautiful and talented. She will be highly missed by family, friends and fans. Heaven has gained another angel. Rest in peace.

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