Berryz Kobo: Shimizu Saki


Name: Shimizu Saki
Birth Date: November 22, 1991
Age: 23
Birth Place: Kanagawa, Japan
Main Group: Berryz Kobo
Position: Captain

Shimizu Saki joined Hello Project as a member of Hello! Project Kids in 2002. She was then selected to join newly formed group, Berryz Kobo in 2004 as the Captain of the group.


Sub Units:

  • Cat’s Eye 7
  • ZYX
  • High-King
  • Berrikyuu
  • Mobekimasu
  • Green Fields
  • Hello! Project Station Dance Club


Berryz Kobo was one of the first groups I started listening to when I was initially introduced to Hello! Project. Shimizu Saki did not initially catch my eye, but I knew her as the really short member with the husky voice and amazing dancing ability. It took a few years for Saki to become my favorite member of the group. She was not the best singer but she has dramatically improved over the eleven years since her debut. Her charm, determinism and charisma were the features that made me fall for her. She showed excellent leadership skills as the Captain of Berryz Kobo.

Saki, Yurina and Chinami

When Berryz was experiencing a rough patch due to the lack of sales and declining interest in the group, she pushed and encouraged the members to improve upon the group’s weaknesses. She made executive decisions such as making Miyabi the sub-captain of the group to help bring Berryz to the top again. All her hard work and determinism paid off in the end.


It is no secret that Captain is the best dancer of Hello Project. Her sharp and accurate moves, her ability to adapt to any concept and her knack for learning dances quickly made her a top performer in the group. I love seeing her perform during concerts. She seemed comfortable with the stage and brought unforgettable and powerful performances, even during her solo dance portions. Once you see Saki dance, it is hard to forget about her after that.


Over the years, Saki has bloomed into a beautiful and stunning adult. I am very glad that she will be working with Hello Project after the hiatus as an advisor. I believe that she can make very influential and positive changes to the company and I am looking forward to see how she will contribute to the company in a positive way. I believe that she is the best person for this job.

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Bye Bye Mata Ne, Shimizu Saki and thank you for all you have done for Hello Project thus far.

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