Berryz Kobo: Tsugunaga Momoko


Name: Tsugunaga Momoko
Birth Date: March 6, 1992
Age: 22
Birth Place: Chiba, Japan
Main Group: Berryz Kobo
Position: Vocalist

Tsugunaga Momoko joined Hello Project! Kids in 2002. She was one of the few members of Hello! Project Kids to join Berryz Kobo in 2004. She was also a member of popular sub-group, Buono!


Sub Units:

  • Buono!
  • ZYX
  • Berrikyuu
  • Mobekimasu


Momoko was initially my favorite member of Berryz Kobo. However, Buono was the group that introduced me to Hello Project, so I met her as a member of Buono. I really liked her for her hyperactive and cute personality. She is charismatic, extroverted and never hesitated to speak her mind. I admired her confidence. Her bright and bold personality is an asset for variety shows. But with time I found her cute image was being too forced and I began to get weary of her signature pigtail hairstyle. My interest in Momoko slowly began to diminish while my interest in other members grew. The lack of activity for Buono may also have something to do with it as well.


Momoko is a great performer although it took time for me to get used to her insanely high-pitched voice. She is an all-around idol. She has vocal, dance, acting and performing skills and has the personality and composure for variety television. I believe that the idol industry was made for her.

1st single 2015

I am ecstatic that she will retain her idol status as a member of Country Girls after Berryz Kobo’s indefinite hiatus. Originally, I did not see her fitting in with the group because it was a very different concept from Berryz Kobo and her image personality. However, based on the interactions I saw between Momoko and the members and the live performances I believe that adding Momoko to this group was a great decision. Not only can she impart her knowledge of the industry and her experience, but she also fits into the group quite well. It took me a while to recognize Momoko in Country Girl’s latest profile photo! I am looking forward to seeing Momoko as the playing manager and member of Country Girls.


Bye Bye Mata Ne, Tsugunaga Momoko and thank you for all you have done for Hello Project thus far.

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