Shimizu Saki and Tokunaga Chinami appointed as Hello! Project Advisors!!

Chinami and Captain

Good news for Shimizu Saki and Tokunaga Chinami fans! After the group’s indefinite hiatus in six days, Saki and Chinami will begin their roles as Advisors for Hello Project! Although they will no longer be part of the main roster for Hello Project they will act as liaisons between Hello Project members and staff. It was confirmed that Saki was part of the naming process for the new Kenshuusei unit. It seems that she will be specifically working with that new group.

This news makes me very excited. Saki is my favourite member of Berryz Kobo. I was worried that she would have left the entertainment industry after the hiatus of the group. I believe that she is one of the best candidates for this position. She displayed a high-level of leadership, determinism and charisma as Captain. She effectively guided the group to success and I am sure she can do that for Hello Project, especially for the newer groups.

Chinami is a very approachable person. It would be easy for the younger members to go to her for advice. Both Chinami and Saki have been idols for a long time so they have the experience to guide these groups. However, we would not be seeing them frequently as they will be working behind the scenes. Nevertheless, I am still happy that they will be working with Hello Project.

Congratulations to both girls for obtaining this role! I am anticipating how this change will affect Hello Project. Maasa will be working with Engeki Joshibu as the playing manager while Momoko will be joining Country Girls. It has not been revealed what Yurina, Miyabi and Risako will be doing after the hiatus.

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