Berryz Kobo: Tokunaga Chinami



Name: Tokunaga Chinami
Birth Date: May 22, 1992
Age: 22
Birth Place: Kanagawa, Japan
Main Group: Berryz Kobo
Position: Vocalist

Tokunaga Chinami joined Hello Project as a member of Hello! Project Kids in 2002. She was then selected to be a member of Berryz Kobo in 2004.


Sub Units:

  • Mellowquad
  • ZYX-α
  • DIY
  • Berrikyuu
  • Mobekimasu

chinami 2015

Chinami always seemed to be a ball of energy to me. She always seemed happy and always has a smile on her face. It was rare for me to see her frown. Even during the promotions that had serious concepts, I can bet you I can still see Chinami smiling at some point in the music video. I really admired her for her happy-go-lucky attitude and down-to-earth personality. She seems like a person that I would really want to be friends with. She may not have been my absolute favorite member of the group but she was a member that I was always interested in.


In my opinion, Chinami was not the best dancer or singer. She is probably one of the members that got the least camera time in Berryz Kobo’s music videos. Nevertheless, where she lacked in performing skill she made up for through her likeable personality and ability to connect with the fans. That is why I think she was chosen as the PRO for the Cha Cha Sing single.


Immediately upon Berryz Kobo’s hiatus, Chinami will begin her role as an advisor for Hello Project members. I think that this role suits her since she is very approachable. It will be easier for her to form a bond with the newer members and help them improve and relay their issues with the staff. I have faith that she can effectively execute her role.


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Bye Bye Mata Ne, Tokunaga Chinami and thank you for all you have done for Hello Project thus far.


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