Hello Pro Kenshuusei Unit Has Been Named!



On last week’s Hello Pro Station the new name of the Hello Pro Kenshuusei unit was revealed to be Kobushi Factory! The first half of the name ‘Kobushi’ is derivative of a Japanese native flowering Magnolia plant. As stated by Hello Project, this part of the name signifies the coming of spring, strength, trust and friendship. They hope to build trust and friendship within the group in order to meet their goal of succeeding their senior groups. The latter half of the unit name is taken from Berryz Kobo’s name. ‘Kobo’ means workshop or factory and it is hoped that this unit carries on the spirit of Berryz Kobo after their hiatus. Future Hello Project advisor, Shimizu Saki, was involved in the creation of the unit name.

Personally, I am not quite happy with this name. It is an unique name and has rich Japanese significance, but I had higher expectations and I was not blown away when the unit named was announced. Even the members seemed initially confused when the name was revealed to them. The name lacked complete innovation by basically stealing a part of Berryz Kobo’s name. I would have liked to see this unit with their own concept and character instead of living off of the legacy of Berryz Kobo. Hopefully, the name will grow on me just like Juice=Juice did.

Kobushi Factory will be starring in ‘Week End Survivor’ along with Sudo Maasa. They will also be releasing their first Indies single, “Nen ni wa Nen/Survivor” on March 26th. Besides the slight disappointment with their group name, I am excited to see what kind of music they will release and hear the vocal talent of these girls.

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