30 Day Bias Challenge: Day 19

Your favourite male soloists

Day 19- Rain, Eric Nam, Jay Park, Gray, John Park, San E, Eddy Kim & Tiger JK

It was incredibly hard to choose my favourite male soloists. In the end, I chose the following eight (8) male soloists as my favourites:

In no particular order:-

Rain: There is no doubt that Rain is one of K-POP’s biggest male entertainers. Not only is he an exceptional singer, but he also dances and acts really well. He uses his vocal abilities and skills to bring about emotions to his songs. He also seems to be a nice person from what I have seen in variety shows. A close friend of mine listens to Rain all the time, so much of my interest developed from hearing his songs every day.

Eric Nam: Eric is such a down-to-earth guy. To be honest, I think I love him more for his personality rather than his music, but he still has amazing songs and vocal ability. I attended one of his showcases last year. His live performances were just as great as the studio versions! I am really excited for his comeback later this month!

Jay Park:  I have been crushing on Jay Park for a long time. I cannot believe that I am actually going to be seeing him live in about two weeks! Jay Park has the whole package. He has a great body, he can sing, dance and has some rapping ability. He has his own company and is a funny and very spontaneous guy. His music is pretty diverse. I like the fact that he tries out different genres from time to time. If you live in Toronto and want to see Jay Park live in concert on March 20th you can get tickets and more information on Krowdpop’s website!

Gray: I still consider myself to be a new fan of Gray. I still have a lot to learn about him. I immediately fell in love with his music since his debut with ‘Dangerous’ and I have been loving the music he has produced for AOMG. He also has a tantalizing voice that just gets to me.

John Park: I am a recent fan of John Park. I knew of him for a while now but my interest in him started with the release of his song, ‘U’. I fell in love with his deep and alluring voice. My interest in him grew even more as I was exposed to his personality through variety shows.

San E: I really like rappers and I really like idols with spontaneous and zany personalities. San E fits that description perfectly. Firstly, I love San E for his honest, outgoing and fun personality. Secondly, I love him for his equally honest and innovative music and lyrics. San E will be joining Jay Park in concert on March 20th, so make sure to reserve a ticket in you are living in Toronto!

Eddy Kim: I do not know much about him personally but I am a big fan of his music. His voice and music is soothing. Every time I am upset I listen to his music and instantly feel calm. He is still pretty new to the industry, so I hope to learn more about him soon!

Tiger JK: I do not consider Tiger JK to be an idol, but rather a legend. He is one of the people that got me interested in the rap and hip-hop genre in Korea. I love his music and brutal honesty. He never holds back and always shows his true side of him. I also admire the fact that he is a great husband and father. I would love to have a relationship just like Tiger JK’s and Yoon Mi Rae’s!

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