30 Day Bias Challenge: Day 20

Your favourite female soloists

Day 20- Fat Cat, BoA. Aimee, Lee Hi, G.NA, Lim Kim, IU, Juniel, Kahi & Yoon Mi Rae

Top (left-right): Fat Cat, BoA, Ailee, Lee Hi, G.NA Bottom (left-right): Kim Ye Rim, IU, Juniel, Kahi, Yoon Mi Rae

Fat Cat: It is unfortunate that is not as active in the industry due to health problems but she will always be one of my favourite female soloist. Fat Cat made a huge impact on me with her debut and I was even more amazed at her versatility when she released her later singles. Her debut single ‘My Love My Bad Boy’ was powerful and bold, but her later singles were more relaxing and soothing. Not only can she rap really well but she has a beautiful singing voice that captures your soul.

BoA: She was the idol that brought me into the KPOP world. Many years ago, I was browsing Youtube looking for new Japanese music when I came across BoA’s video for ‘Eat You Up’. Her singing was great, but I was move amazed at her sharp and fluid dancing skills. I looked up more of her music and I was introduced to more KPOP groups such as TVXQ, Big Bang, SNSD and Super Junior. It was there my KPOP obsession started and because of that BoA will always have a special place in my heart.

Ailee: I am always amazed by Ailee’s live performances. It is always better than the studio version. How can one small individual like Ailee have so much power in her voice? My jaw always drops every time she effortlessly belts out those long, powerful and high notes. Not many singers has such stability with their voice like Ailee. In my opinion, she is the BEST singer in the KPOP industry. I am so glad that I will be seeing her live soon! If you live in Toronto and want to see Ailee, San E and Jay Park in concert visit Krowdpop for more information!

Lee Hi: When I first heard Lee Hi’s voice I was shocked to learn that she was much younger than me. Her voice is very mature and melodic! She definitely has the voice and potential to one of the greatest singers out there. Her spunky attitude and awkward charm are special touches that makes me like her even more.

G.NA: To be honest, G.NA almost did not make this list. She may not be one of my favourite idols vocally or personality-wise, but I realized that I am really drawn to her music. Some of my favourite KPOP songs, “Banana”, “Black & White” and “2HOT” was sung by G.NA.

Kim Ye Rim: I cannot find the words to describe the voice of Kim Ye Rim (Lim Kim). It is very distinctive and melodic. I tend to like solo artists with distinctive voices like Kim Ye Rim. Their voices make them stand out even more as a soloist and gives their songs additional character. Besides really liking Ye Rim’s voice, I also really like her music. I fully recommend listening to her calming music after a long and eventful day or if you are upset and need to take a few breaths.

IU: She has to be my 2nd most favourite female vocalist in the KPOP industry. I love almost all her albums. I admit that I am very biased towards her. After Ailee, she has one of the best voices in the industry. I also love the fact that she experiments with different genres when making music. However, I think I like hearing her sing folk, ballads and old school songs the most. Her soothing vocals really suit the genre.

Juniel: I am still a new fan of Juniel. I do not know much about her personally but I have been really liking her music thus far. She actually reminds me a bit of IU during the early stages of her career. They both play guitar, write songs and have similar voices. I think this is another reason why I am so drawn to her.

Kahi: I really miss seeing Kahi in After School. I remember being devastated when she announced her graduation from the group. But I believe that she makes a better soloist than a girl group member. I just wish she was a little more active.

Yoon Mi Rae: She is my favourite soloist in the Korean music industry. Just like her husband, I put her on a pedestal that is much higher than an idol status. Yoon Mi Rae is a legend. She is beautifully, has soulful vocals and extraordinary rapping capabilities. It is a known fact that I am very biased towards rappers, especially female ones. She went through a lot during her childhood days because of her mixed ethnicity but she overcame that and is now successful with a loving husband and adorable son.

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