30 Day Bias Challenge: Day 21

Your top 5 favourite male groups

Day 21- Big Bang, B.A.P, Block B, SHINee, BTS

Big Bang

Favourite member(s): T.O.P, G-Dragon, Taeyang

Favourite song: Tonight

When I started listening to KPOP, I was more biased towards SM Entertainment artists. However, when 2NE1 debuted and I started listening to more Big Bang songs I became totally biased towards YG Entertainment. Even today I am still a huge YG Entertainment fan. Big Bang is my number one male group in the industry. I love them for multiple reasons:

  1. They are from YG Entertainment, currently the biggest entertainment agency in South Korea.
  2. Their music is innovative, diverse and awesome.
  3. Each member has a distinct personality that you grow to love. It is hard to love just one member of this group.
  4. Each member is unique and talented in their own way. Their talents put together makes an unbeatable combination. Each member is skilled in more than one field.
  5. They have been around for quite a while which is commendable in the dynamic and unpredictable world of KPOP.


Favourite member(s): Youngjae, Yong Guk, Himchan

Favourite song: No Mercy

I remember being blown away by B.A.P for their debut. On that day I fell in love with them and their music and the rest was history. Just like Big Bang, this group is very versatile thanks to their talented members. But I believe that they perform charismatic and powerful hip-hop songs the best.  Not only are their songs great but their choreography is always top notch and almost never seems to bore me!

Block B

Favourite member(s): Zico, P.O

Favourite song: Wanna Be

Block B is another group that I followed since their debut. This group presents a crazy and carefree image that is different from the stereotypical concepts (sexy, cute, badass) that is prominent in KPOP today. I love their music but I love watching the music videos even more. Whether it may be cinematic or comedic, their videos will have your interest with every second!


Favourite member(s): Taemin

Favourite song: 1000 Years, Always By Your Side…

SHINee was one of my first KPOP bias groups but with time I have started liking other groups a lot more. After TVXQ, SHINee is SM Entertainment’s best performance group. They sound well live, their choreography is almost always synchronized and they know how to give great fan service. I think what continues to peak my interest in this group is their improvement since debut, especially with Taemin. His vocal abilities experienced a complete positive turnaround. He went to being a sub-vocalist to main vocalist in a few years and is even getting more lines than the leader, Onew! Recently, I find myself being drawn to their Japanese releases more than their domestic ones.

Bangtan Boys (BTS)

Favourite member(s): Rap Monster

Favourite song: Boy In Luv

When I saw the teasers and stage names for BTS’s debut I told myself that I was not going to like this group in anyway. But when I heard their debut song I was blown away. Bangtan Boys is one of the few KPOP groups with a successful debut that caught the attention of thousands of fans. They are similar to B.A.P with their charismatic, hip-hop concept, but their music still has its own distinctive flavour. I have been loving almost all their songs so far and I look forward to seeing what they will release in the future!

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