30 Day Bias Challenge: Day 22

Your top 5 favourite girl groups

Day 22- 2NE1, 4minute, SNSD, Miss A & fx


Favourite member(s): CL, Minzy

Favourite song: Can’t Nobody (English Version)

The reasons why I love 2NE1 are pretty similar to the reasons why I love Big Bang. This group has their own distinctive flavour. They do not follow the trends common among girl groups today. Each member has individualistic skills and personalities that make very colourful group with a blend of styles and music that are unmatchable and uncommon in the Korean music industry. This group is also well-known for their dynamic and memorable live performances. They have a presence on stage that pumps up the audience members and leaves them in awe. I really hope to see this group live one day.


Favourite member(s): Gayoon, Hyuna

Favourite song: HuH (Hit Ur Heart)

4minute is another girl group that is well known for their distinctive style. They use genres and concepts that are rarely found in Korean music. I find myself being more compelled to their electro-pop hits like “What’s Your Name”, “I My Me Mine” and “HuH” but I am really in love with their latest comeback, “Crazy”, which is an electronic and hip-hop cross genre.

SNSD (Girls Generation)

Favourite member(s): Sooyoung, Tiffany

Favourite song: Star Star Star

This group used to be at the top of my list of favourite girl groups. However, my interest in 2NE1 and 4minute grew as I found myself being more attracted to their individualistic style and less in the natural soft-pop that Girls Generation is well known for. After “The Boys” era, Girls Generation’s music just has not been making an impact on me and my interest in them are slowly diminishing and will continue to shrink since they lost one of their best vocalists. However, they are still in my top five female groups because they were one of my first and I still like many of their older songs such as “Star Star Star”, “Born to be a Lady” and classics like “Gee”, “Run Devil Run” and “Genie”.

Miss A

Favourite member(s): Min

Favourite songs: Lips

I remember being instantly attracted to this group upon their debut. Their music and choreography almost always appealed to me. They are ranked so low on this list is because recently they have not been active and I do not have any specific interest in the members other than Min.


Favourite member(s): Amber

Favorite song: Rainbow

f(x) may be part of SM Entertainment but they have a very unconventional style that sets them apart from their peers within the company and this is one reason why I really like them. Many of their songs have an electronic and synthetic base that I love and they create unique and memorable choreography that suit their songs well. Not only are their title songs great, but I find myself being drawn to all the other songs on their albums as well, which is a rare occurrence for me.

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