Pinocchio Drama Review


Synopsis: Ki Ha Myung (Lee Jong Suk) has faced tragedy in his early life with the death of his father. Accusations fueled by reporter Song Cha Ok (Jin Kyung), surrounded Ki Ha Myung and his family leading to his mother’s demise and his brother’s plot for revenge. Ki Ha Myung found refuge with an older man taking up the name Choi Dal Po. There he meets Choi In Ha (Park Shin Hye) and eventually falls for her. Fast-forwarding to the future, Choi In Ha is pursuing her dream of becoming a reporter like her mother, Song Cha Ok. However, after a confrontation with Song Cha Ok, Choi Dal Po has also taken up the challenge of becoming a more worthy reporter in a plot for revenge. However, Choi Dal Po must deal with his desire for revenge while helplessly falling in love with Choi In Ha.

Pinocchio is one of my favourite dramas of last year. Initially, I thought that Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk was an odd selection for a couple but as the drama progressed I found myself really liking the pair. They had great chemistry. It was also good to see Park Shin Hye taking on a more lively and energetic role. This character was an improvement in comparison to her other characters in past dramas such as “Flower Boys Next Door”, “The Heirs” and “You’re Beautiful”.

It was my first time watching a drama with a journalism concept. It opened my eyes to what really goes on behind the camera and within the walls of big organizations. I really liked the plot of this drama. It started off with tragedy, capturing my interest from the very beginning. They kept the momentum going with events and relationships that kept the audience guessing and on their toes. Each minute of every episode teased my emotions. It was like I was working with Choi In Ha and Dal Po while they were trying to piece together what really happened and who was involved with the cover up of the incident that led to death of Dal Po’s father.

The plot had a notable mixture of suspense, romance, comedy and tragedy. I find myself to be more drawn to story lines that has a combination of genres rather than a static genre such as a thriller, horror, comedy or romance. I believe when good things are combined with moderation, great things can evolve from it.

Another aspect of the drama that had me hooked was the character development and the relationships between the characters. The drama started off with the characters being in high school but there was a rather large jump into the future as the characters turned into working individuals. Surprisingly, the big time lapse was not awkward for me. The characters and the way the story line was written made a good transition. As the characters grew up you also saw the development of their relationships. It was interesting to see how each character was connected and had an association with the overall tragedy and cooperation fraud.

I recommend placing this drama in your ‘must watch’ list if you have not seen it already. It has a unique concept and plot and all the actors did well in portraying the characters, their associative relationships and bringing the plot to life.

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