City Hunter Final Drama Review


Synopsis: Tragedy struck Korea in the 1980’s during a secret mission where military personnel were killed by their own government. The sole survivor of this incident, Lee Jin Pyo, initiated his plan for revenge when he kidnapped Lee Yoon Sung and trained him to become the “City Hunter”. One by one, the City Hunter executed his revenge on each government official involved in the tragic incident. However, he meets Kim Nana, a presidential bodyguard, and this leads to unforeseen complications in his life-long mission of revenge.

This drama took me two years to complete. This was an action-packed drama with a dash of romance and familial relationships. However, sometimes this was not enough to keep me engaged. There were some episodes that had me on the edge of my seat, but there were also episodes that were very tedious to watch.

I agree that this is one of Lee Min Ho’s best roles. In my opinion, he does well as an action star. However, I am not a big fan of action shows. I have slept through movies like “The Bourne Ultimatum” and “Pacific Rim”. The genre just does not appeal to me like romantic comedies do. I guess that is just the girly side of me. However, I must admit that there were some action scenes that kept me at the edge of my seat, like Prosecutor Kim Young Joo’s final scene.

On the other hand, I really loved the mystery in the series. The drama started off by giving us the background into the whole storyline. Throughout the series we were given hints as to what really happened on that unfaithful night and the parties that were really involved in the incident. Surprises came as the audience became aware of the secrets, overlapping stories and intertwining relationships between characters. I felt as if I was solving the mystery of this case along with the characters. I asked questions like: “How are these characters connected?” and “Who is next on the hit list?” Unfortunately, my detective skills sucked and I was dead wrong in the end (LOL).

The characterization in this drama was not the best, but there were some characters that kept me interested. I was a big fan of Kim Nana. I loved her sassiness and I loved the fact that she could have taken care of herself in dangerous situations. She was my female role model. Another character I was drawn to was Go Ki Jun. He may have been a minor character, but he made an impact with his competitive and zany mannerisms. Another reason why I liked the character may be because he was portrayed by Lee Kwang Soo, who is one of my top biases in the entertainment industry. So, it was only natural for me to like any character that was played by him. Otherwise, the other characters (excluding Lee Min Ho) did not do much to keep me interested in this drama. This drama has an excellent storyline, but the execution of it was not successful in my eyes. Many of the actors just portrayed their roles but did not effectively do so to keep me engaged.

While I am mildly disappointed by the execution of the plot and some of the action scenes, the biggest disappointment in this show was its ending. This has to be one of the WORST endings for a k-drama. There was no implication of the relationship between Nana and Lee Yoon Sung. There was nothing to guarantee the future of the major and supporting characters. Too much was left to interpretation. I really dislike endings like this. It seems that it was rushed and not properly planned out. I felt like I did not receive closure after watching a whole series of mysteries and developing relationships. Yes, the main problem was resolved, but what about the other issues that evolved throughout the series? Do we assume that everyone got their happy ending?

This drama was widely popular upon its release. However, there was very little that impressed me for this drama. There were some interesting scenes and characters throughout the series, but this was not enough to keep me engaged. I would not recommend this drama to a friend, but due to its popularity it seems like it is a fundamental drama to have in your “watched list”. If you love action scenes and Lee Min Ho, then maybe there is a chance of you enjoying this show.

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