Currently Watching Dramas (April 2015)

Here is a list of dramas that I am currently watching:

Blood (2015)
Starring: Ahn Jae Hyun and Goo Hye Sun
Episodes seen: 2
Rating: N/A
Notes: I have not been making much progress with this drama for the past month. It has yet to fully capture my interest and the other dramas like the other dramas that I am currently watching. I believe this drama is still airing, so I think I will wait a bit to allow the drama to finish airing so I would not have to wait for new episodes every week.

Healer (2014)
Starring: Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young
Episodes seen: 2
Rating: N/A
Notes: I have not made much progress with this drama either, but the storyline is really interesting. It has that bit of mystery that I like and a really good-looking male lead. I am surprised that I am already interested in the plot since there have mostly been action and flashback scenes and not much romance so far. This has me hopeful for the rest of this drama. I will probably place my focus on this drama when I complete “Fool’s Love”.

Fool’s Love/ Ho Goo’s Love (2015)
Starring: Choi Woo Shik and UEE
Episodes seen: 11
Rating: 8.0
Notes: Since I have completed Pride and Prejudice, I have placed my focus on this drama. Initially, I was weary about this drama. I do not really like UEE’s acting style and I have never seen any dramas starring Seulong. The drama started off a bit slow, but it grew better with each episode. I have really grown to love its drama with the great amount of romantic scenes and constant misunderstandings between the characters. Not to mention the numerous comedic scenes.

Itazura na Kiss ~Love in Tokyo 2~
Starring: Furukawa Yuki and Honaka Miki
Episodes seen: 13
Rating: 8.0
Notes: I am nearing the end of this series. This sequel may not be as good as its prequel but it is still pretty funny and romantic. I am overwhelmed by so many emotions while watching this show and I am beginning to see more of myself in Kotoko. I will be quite sad when I actually do finish this drama.

Hayate the Combat Butler (2011)
Starring: Hu George and Park Shin Hye
Episodes seen: 2
Rating: N/A
Notes: This is a Taiwanese drama based off the manga series “Hayate no Gotoku”. This drama was randomly listed as a suggestion for me on Dramafever. I was already a fan of the manga and anime, so I decided to watch it. I recognized that the female lead was dubbed but it took me a while to realize that it was Park Shin Hye. This made me slightly turned off from the drama. I really dislike watching dubbed actors and actresses. It is quite awkward to see their lips off sync with the audio. However, the show has been pretty zany and funny just like the anime so far, so I do plan to continue watching the show, despite being turned off by the dubbing.

The Girl Who Sees Scents (2015)
Starring: Park Yoochun and Shin Se Kyung
Episodes seen: 6
Rating: 8.5
Notes: Watching this drama is a pain because I have to wait for the release the new episodes every week. This drama is hilarious. It has a unique twist to a typical crime investigation concept. Yes, the barcode murders are a bit too gruesome for me (they should have a trigger warning for that), but the romantic and comedic scenes make up for it. It is really interesting that one character has lost almost all of his senses while the other character has an extra special sense. This is definitely a drama that I would recommend to romantic comedy fans, but just wait until its finished airing so you do not have to wait for new episodes!

PS: I really love Park Yoochun … just saying.

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