The Rookie Watch (Part 2)


This girl group seems to have a youthful, cute and feminine vibe. I have seen this concept way too many times, so they have not really captured my interest with any of their songs. However, their member, Yerin, seems to have potential in the variety entertainment industry. She caught my attention during her appearance on Running Man.

CLC (Crystal Clear)

Their debut song “Pepe” was not a song I expected to hear from Cube Entertainment. Unfortunately, there was nothing special about it that grabbed my appeal. Their album was not the most interesting and this gives me no incentive to learn more about the group or its members.


Despite not hearing anything from Big Star or Brave Girls recently, Brave Entertainment has debuted a new male group. The name of this group is a combination of the stage names of each member, 1 and Punch. These stage names made me cringe. Punch (real name Samuel) was supposed to debut with upcoming Pledis boy group, Seventeen. I nearly cried when I learned that he left the company. However, I liked 1PUNCH’s debut song. It has an old school hip-hop sound and both members are amazing dancers.


I always support AOMG artists and ELO is one of them. I really like his R&B song. He has a really nice voice that can make the ladies swoon.


This group’s debut was just terrible. The song was very strange; I was instantly turned off. This group has already had a bad start and to be honest, I do not think I will be listening to them in the future.

The Ark

Although their debut song is a ballad, I really like it. This came as a huge surprise to me. I have seen their hashtag interview and the members seem talented and fun. I plan to keep an eye on them in the future.

Pocket Girls

According to some random sources on the Internet, this group is composed of racing models that have now debuted as idols. Their debut song is awkward in many ways. They are apparently getting more exposure due to a fancam of a live performance. In my opinion, this is just another group using their bodies and the exhausted sexy concept for recognition. There is no real or deeper meaning behind their song or performances.


In my opinion, these girls are the best rookie group out there. They remind me of Spica in many ways. They have powerful voices, amazing performance skills and unique choreography. Their rapper, Moonbyul, actually has remarkable rapping skills! I am currently hooked on their collaboration song with Esna.


This group reminds me of G-Friend. They have similar concepts, so this group also does not really appeal to me. All the songs that they have released so far have been quite tedious to listen to.

Shin Zisu

Her song and album is okay, but it is not enough to retain my interest. I have seen her hashtag interview and there is something about her that slightly annoys me. Either way, I do not have any special interest in her.

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