Kobushi Factory: Nen Ni wa Nen/ Survivor Song Review

I was really excited for Kobushi Factory’s first song. I asked many questions. What would the song be like? What is their concept? Who would be the main vocalists in the group? However, when I heard their first indies single “Nen wa Nen Ni / Survivor” I was caught by surprise. I was blown away! Both songs had a heavy rock feel and the girls sounded incredible. The songs got even better when I saw the live performance and practice videos. I had to remind myself that this was still a rookie group!

Nen ni wa Nen

As I previously mentioned, this song has a rock sound to it but with a Hello! Project twist. It has the typical upbeat electronic instrumental and backing vocals repeating “Nen nen nen nen” in low and melodic tones. Though the song is a lot stronger and harsher than most H!P songs, it is still age-appropriate for the young member lineup. Inoue Rei, Nomura Minami and Hirose Ayaka seem to be the main vocalists of this song and they all sounded great. Even at their young age they have mature voices and I see them leading songs in the future. The management made a good choice choosing these girls to lead the song. I really hope that they release songs like this in the future.


From the first second of this song my skin began to crawl, but in a good way. Ayano started the song with low a capella singing which immediately went into a heavy guitar and drum instrumental. Even after listening to the song probably 1000 times, I am still left speechless. There do not seem to be any major vocalists in the song since the girls sing in pairs, but Ayano’s part of the beginning was definitely my favourite part. I would love to see them perform this song with a live band someday.

Kobushi Factory had a great and unique start to their idol career. These songs are something never heard in Hello! Project before and I really hope that they keep releasing unique and innovative songs like this in the future. I also hope that they keep improving and working towards their goal of officially debuting by the end of the year. These girls are clearly working hard so I will support them until the very end. With the announcement of rival group, Tsubaki Factory, I am interested in seeing how both groups perform in the future.

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