New H!P Unit Announced: Tsubaki Factory!!!

tsubaki factory

Yet another Hello! Project unit has been announced during this week’s Hello Station! This unit is entirely made up of Hello Pro Kenshuusei and is named Tsubaki Factory. “Tsubaki” is a Japanese flower denoting pride and allure. “Factory” is taken from past group, Berryz Koubou’s name. Shimizu Saki also had a hand in the creation of their group name. The members of this group are as follows:

2015 1

Ogata Risa (16)

2015 1

Yamagishi Riko (16)

2015 1

Kishimoto Yumeno (15)


Niinuma Kisora (15)

2015 1

Tanimoto Ami (15)


Asakura Kiki (14)

Although I am elated to see another group formation in Hello Project, I am rather disappointed with the group’s name. The name is too similar to Kobushi Factory and the “factory” theme in their names lack originality and innovation. However, the similarity in their names may suggest that they will be sister or rival groups and may be working together in the future. I am happy with the lineup for this group. I do not know much about Kiki, Risa or Ami, so I will look out for them in the future. Kobushi Factory has already made a big impact with their debut single “Nen wa ni Nen/Survivor”, so I am eager to see what Tsubaki Factory brings to the table.

Good luck and congratulations to the girls!

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