Skip Beat Drama Review


Synopsis: Based on the manga by Nakamura Yoshiki, Skip Beat is about a young girl named Gong Xi (Chen Ivy) who devoted her life to taking care of upcoming idol, Bu Puo Shang (Lee Donghae). However, after being cast away and betrayed by Shang, Gong Xi vowed she would get revenge by entering the entertainment industry. However, Gong Xi realizes that this is a lot harder than it seems and faces many tribulations while employing her plan for revenge. On the bright side she develops a genuine love for acting and meets some lifelong friends such as Jiang Nan Qin (Bai Bianca) and Dung He Lian (Choi Siwon).

I believe that this is one of my first Taiwanese dramas, so I did not know what to expect. I am a huge fan of the manga and anime and so I was compelled to watch the live-action drama as well.

This was one of the many dramas that took me a while to finish. Shockingly, the reason is not what you think it is. The storyline somewhat followed the original plot from the anime and actually had many good and attention-grabbing scenes. They even included the scene with Gong Xi in the chicken suit that I loved from the original storyline, so I do not have many complaints where the plot is concerned. My main complaint lies with the casting of the show.

Through my research, I found out that the original actors for Dung He Lian and Bu Puo Shang left before the drama was completed. There were also many financial constraints and problems with the production. Therefore, the filming was suspended. However, I am sure that there were better options than casting Korean idols Siwon and Donghae. I do not have anything against Super Junior. I am actually a big fan of the group, but it was extremely irritating to watch a dubbed Donghae and Siwon. They are not fluent in Chinese and because of the limited amount of time left for filming they learnt their lines in Korean and had to be dubbed by Chinese speakers.

Seeing their lips moving out of time with the audio was unbearable to watch. I cringed with every episode and it distracted me from the main plot. Their overall acting was great, but the fact that they were dubbed ruined the experience for me. Donghae and Siwon are good-looking, but I believe they should have just hired Taiwanese actors for the roles. However, as I previously mentioned, the production crew faced many financial problems, so this may not have been possible. To be honest, I would not be surprised if SM Entertainment sponsored this drama as well.

Other than the awkward dubbing, the storyline and character portrayal was done well. I am really interested in Chen Ivy now. I plan to watch more of her shows in the future. If you are a fan of the Skip Beat manga or anime I recommend you watch this drama. The dubbing may annoy you but I assure you that the plot was well planned and depicted. It relates closely to the anime. They showed the development of Dung He Lian’s and Gong Xi’s relationship and they even focus on the developing friendship between Gong Xi and Jiang Nan Qin. The story flowed well; it was not too rushed. The soundtrack also worked well with the show and was not too intrusive. After watching this show, I think I am going to watch many more Taiwanese dramas in the future!

Frances & Aiko

PS: Hello! Project fans! If you are curious about the whereabouts of Wu Zhao Xian from Frances and Aiko she starred in this drama as Maria, the granddaughter of the CEO of the LME Agency!

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