High School – Love On Drama Review


Synopsis: A death angel named Lee Seul Bi (Kim Sae Ron) has turned into a human angel after saving Shin Woo Hyun (Nam Woohyun). Lee Seul Bi takes up residence with Shin Woo Hyun and faces many challenges adjusting to human life while keeping her identity as an angel a secret. She experiences the tribulations of being bullied by her fellow classmates, making and losing new friends such as Hwang Sung Yeol (Lee Sung Yeol) and being faced with the probability that she may disappear off the face of the Earth forever.

Initially, I was hesitant to watch this drama. The genre and concept was unfamiliar to me and I preferred Sungyeol and Woohyun as performers rather than actors. The age difference between lead actor Nam Woohyun and actress Kim Sae Ron really bothered me. They are nine years apart! However, curiosity got the best of me and before I knew it, I was hooked on this drama.

I have not really seen any angel-themed dramas before this one. It was even more interesting that this theme was crossed with a school concept. Of course, being a Korean drama, there were also the typical drama elements such as the love triangle (or square), random tragedy and since it was a school drama, some of the antagonists came in the form of school bullies. There were many misunderstandings and funny moments as you watched Lee Seul Bi try to adapt to the human life by comparing every life event to what she has seen in dramas. The love square between Lee Seul Bi, Sungyeol, Woohyun and the Senior Angel made the show even more interesting. The complications associated with this love affair and the probability of Seul Bi losing her human and angel status and disappearing off the Earth all made interesting stories for the overall plot. The storyline had so much potential, but in the end I was only left to be disappointed.

While the original plot and concept seemed good, the episodes seemed to be poorly planned. Other than being predictable, the show did not flow well and I sometimes felt awkward when trying to comprehend what was going on during the show. The most disappointing thing about this show was the ending. It seemed as if the production crew and storyboard writers rushed to tie up loose ends and did a very sloppy job while doing so. I still have many questions and I felt like that was not a suitable end for the drama. There were too many random occurrences and implications made about the characters and their futures. The idea had so much potential, but the development and lack of efficient planning of the plot ruined it for me. I can tell that the actors tried hard to portray the plot and their characters, but this was not enough for me.

Speaking of the actors, to my surprise, Woohyun is actually a good actor. Kim Sae Ron blew me away with her character portrayal. Her skills are impeccable and she is very mature for her age. Her acting skills are of a high quality at a young age, so I can only imagine the great potential she has in the future. With her skills and continued improvement, I can see her becoming one of the best actresses in the South Korean entertainment industry.

This drama was a huge disappointment to me because I had high expectations for it. I do not know if the quality of drama plots is decreasing, if I am becoming bored or increasingly critical. I would recommend this drama if you want to watch something in your spare time or if you are a fan of Infinite, but it is not one of the best dramas.

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