Song Review for Crystal Rose’s 4th Single

Crystal Rose will release their 4th single “Reflective Dreamer” this month! This single consists of an A-side, “Reflective Dreamer” and a B-side “Echo”. I will be reviewing both songs on the single.

For those of you who are not familiar with this group, here is a bit of background information on them:

Crystal Rose was created in 2013 under the name KRP28. Just as their previous name implies, this group has 28 members across the globe. Yes, this is a very large group but different members are selected by management to participate in different songs. Each member has an opportunity to shine!

Being a worldwide group, their primary mode of communication is the Internet. I really love and support global groups like this. There is a lot of chaos going on in the world today, so it is really gratifying to see people across the world come together for a common cause and do great things like creating wonderful music.

Crystal Rose’s music is inspired by Japanese culture and it is quite evident in both songs in their 4th single.

“Reflective Dreamer”

Vocals: Sahara, Kyoka, Erein, Haru
Lyrics: Katana-Niara
Composition: Katana-Niara
Instrumental: Techtonicks
Vocal Mixing: Felipe “Vilch” Vilches

This is the A-side of the single. It is an inspirational track that speaks about realizing your dreams and determination. These lyrics can be a pick-me-up for anyone who is doubtful about their ambitions or lack the confidence to pursue them. This song speaks to me personally because I am currently hesitating on pursuing my dream career because I do not have confidence in my skills. I know there are many people in the world today facing similar problems and this influential track aims at showing the beauty and worth in someone.

On another note, I would like to say that I am in love with the instrumental of this song. Although the song has a bit of a techno feel, there are some traditional Japanese elements to it. It is pretty much a combination of new age and traditional Japanese music. Just think of the fast-paced beat of a Perfume or Vocaloid song mixed with the sounds of traditional Japanese instruments such as the Kokyu or Fue. There was also a heavy guitar presence in the song. Although the song is in English, the instrumental and composition makes me feel like I am listening to a Japanese song.

The vocalists in this song are quite good and the overall song was enjoyable, but there is more potential where flow of the song is concerned. The transition between the spoken part and the chorus preceding that could have been a little less awkward. The solo parts were good but when the voices of each singer came together it was not completely fluid and harmonious. However, I understand that this would be very difficult to achieve since the members are spread out across the world and the song is created through the Internet.

All in all, it is a very innovative track. Credits goes out to all the people involved in making this wonderful track!


Vocals: Hira, Setsuna, Mizuki, Sadako
Lyrics: Katana-Niara
Composition: Katana-Niara
Instrumental: Techtonicks
Vocal Mixing: Felipe “Vilch” Vilches

This is the B-side and my favourite song of the single. This song is also in English but much like “Reflective Dreamer”, there is a unique amalgamation of new and old Japanese sounds.

This is another uplifting and cute song that is about friendship, trust and support. Friends can act as support even when they cannot bring themselves to tell each other about their problems. To be honest, these are the type of friends I cherish because it is not easy for me to vocalize my problems, but a hug or just a friendly presence can be heartening.

The “ah ah ah” sung at the beginning and throughout the song and the repetitive “echo” makes this song VERY addictive. Just this week I caught myself subconsciously singing the chorus while I was at work.

I think I enjoyed this song because of its upbeat and addicting nature. It also has better flow than the first song. All the voice mixed well together. There was not a singular voice that overpowered the others during the chorus. The harmonization between the lower and higher pitched voices were coordinated and mixed well.

This is another great song from the group and personally, I would love to hear them release more music like this!

You can learn more about their group, the members and their music by visiting their official SNS accounts and website listed below. If you really like this group feel free to follow and support them!

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