Shimamura Uta leaves Country Girls & Hello! Project


To the dismay of many, it was recently announced that Country Girls favourite, Shimamura Uta, has ended her contract with Hello Project and subsequently leaving Country Girls.

 The reason given was that there was a dispute between Uta’s parents and the company about her contract. Many fans of Uta are now heart-broken. She was not my favourite member but it always hurts when member of Hello Project leaves, especially when the group recently debuted. I do not want to speculate too much, but things always go wrong when a parent is heavily invested in their offspring.

tsubaki factory

On the other side of things, fans now believe that Hello Project now has been hit with a six-member curse. When a six-member group is created, a member just happens to leave the group prior or right after the group’s major debut. This was first seen with Juice=Juice when Otsuka Aina left right before the group’s major debut. Country Girls was also a six-member group before Uta’s departure. Fans are now worried about Tsubaki Factory, which is another six-member unit preparing for official debut.

This talk about a curse is hilarious but it is still all too coincidental. Hopefully, this would not include Tsubaki Factory.

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