The Girl Who Sees Scents Drama Review



Warning: This review contains spoilers!!!

Summary: Choi Eun Seol has faced a tragedy. She witnessed the murder of her parents done by a criminal known as the ‘Barcode Killer’. As she attempts to run away from the killer, she is hit by a car and goes into a coma. When Choi Eun Seol awakens she has no memory of her past, her identity and that tragic event. She can also see scents with one of her eyes! She now lives under the identity as Oh Cho Rim and is pursuing a career in comedy. Coincidentally, she meets a policeman who has faced a similar past. He lost his sister (also named Choi Eun Seol) to the Barcode Killer. This policeman, known as Officer Choi, learns of Cho Rim’s ability and uses it to his advantage to solve cases. As the show progresses the two individuals develop a special relationship and learn more about their past and themselves.

This is one of my favourite dramas this year (so far)! It is hilarious and has a theme that I have yet to see in any drama. It also has that element of romance that I enjoy. The series had an interesting start by showing the tragic history of the main characters and giving us background on the Barcode Killer. The murders were a bit gruesome and uncomfortable for me to watch. The killer has a habit of slashing the wrists of his victims to look like barcodes. If you plan to watch this drama, trigger warning.

I always love dramas with a bit of mystery. I get a bit of satisfaction as I try to piece together the events, cases and evidence. I feel like a detective. This is probably why I watch a lot of crime shows such as Law and Order and NCIS.

There were many surprises throughout the series that I wish I could discuss but I want you all to watch the drama, so no spoilers! There were also many laughable scenes, so if you are a “romcom” fan, I highly recommend this drama!

I am mostly satisfied with the casting and characterization of this drama. I am very picky when it comes to these two elements because I believe that they are the two things that can really make a drama. There has been many times that a drama had a good storyline, but the poor casting and character development ruined the whole drama. For this drama, I do not have many complaints where this is concerned.

I am highly biased of Yoochun, so of course I do not have any complaints with this role, although it was a bit strange to see him act so silly. Shin Se Kyung who played Oh Cho Rim annoyed me at times. Her acting was a bit stiff and lacked natural expression.

My second favourite character was actually the main antagonist. I would not give many details about him since his identity is a huge surprise. All I will say is that I tend to like the hot but crazy villain in the show.

*wink* *wink*

I love this drama for its unique storyline and many comedic elements. It was capable of integrating mystery, comedy and romance. I highly recommend this drama if you are a “romcom” fan. I would not rate is as high as “It’s Okay, That’s Love” but it is still one of the better dramas I have seen this year.


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