Pride and Prejudice Drama Review

Summary: This drama focuses on the prosecution and investigation team in South Korea. Koo Dong Chi is a top prosecutor in this branch. Han Yeol Moo is a new intern prosecutor who has a shared history with Koo Dong Chi. As they embark on investigating cases they begin to realize that their pasts are more connected than they thought. They also gain new insight on the disappearance of Han Yeol Moo’s younger brother, a fellow inspector, Kang Soo’s, kidnapping and the corruption in the prosecution field.

This was a really good drama. It is not one of the best, but it is still pretty good. What I liked most about the drama is the mystery and connections between each character. From the get go, we see that Koo Dong Chi and Han Yeol Moo have an interconnected past. As the drama progresses, their relationship gets more complicated and other people such Inspector Kang Soo, begin to get involved. It is also revealed that the prosecution field is rooted in politics and controversy. This controversy shows itself as Koo Dong Chi, Han Yeol Moo and Kang Soo investigate several connected cases.

I grew to love MOST of the characters. Koo Dong Chi was focused, passionate and sometimes self-centered. Kang Soo was a bit emotional but it is understandable due to his tragic past. However, he is a dedicated investigator.

Other minor characters that captured my heart were Chan and Jeong Chang Gi. Chan is one of the cutest and most innocent children in the Korean drama industry. I usually dislike children but I could not help but fall for Chan. Just like Kang Soo, he has been through a lot at a young age, but he does not let that keep him down.

I was mostly impressed with Jeong Chang Gi. Initially, his character is known to be a troublesome drunkard who had a quick tongue and horrid sense of humour. However, in the middle of the series it is revealed that he has a dark past and is very much responsible for Kang Soo’s kidnapping and the death of this mother. His whole demeanor changes when this secret comes to light. I was amazed at how he was capable of portraying two completely different personalities in a short space of time and still made it believable. I was especially was impressed when he pretended to have amnesia after his accident.

The female lead, Han Yeol Moo, annoyed me the most. She was always emotional and let her emotions control her and get in the way of competent thinking and her career. I hated the personality of the character. She tainted my experience of the drama. As a female in a highly male-dominated career I was hoping that she would have a stronger image. I was disappointed.

The storyline of this drama was interesting. It had a slow start and a few tedious episodes, but it is a good drama to which to pass the time. Nearing the end of the series as issues are resolved and mysteries are solved there was a huge surprise that even I did not foresee. If the casting and interesting storyline is not an incentive to watch the drama, then this should be!

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