ANGERME 4TH Generation Audition Announced

Auditions for Miyabi’s new group was announced and the website was revealed. However, an error occurred and the website had to be closed temporarily. Another mistake was made when fans discovered a link to another audition on Miyabi’s audition website. This audition was for ANGERME’s 4th generation. On last week’s Hello Project Station, leader of ANGERME, Wada Ayaka, officially announced that the group would indeed be having auditions for a new generation.

I do not know if this audition is to fill the gap that will be made upon Fukuda Kanon’s departure or if this is hinting at Wada Ayaka’s graduation. Many fans think that it is too soon for another audition since the 3rd generation just joined. However, let us remember that many of us said the same thing when the audition for Morning Musume’s 10th generation was announced shortly after the 9th generation was officially added to the group. They have made many great contributions since then.

Many fans also speculate that ANGERME is following the path of Morning Musume with the continuous auditions, but to me that was evident since the audition for the 2nd generation. I am always excited for new members. I try to be open-minded and positive. As long as they make positive contributions to the group, it will be all right.

If you plan to audition I have included a link for the audition website below. Also, you must be between the age of 10 and 17 years old; must not be afflicted with any entertainment agency and must apply before August 16th.

If you want to audition for Miyabi’s new group, the stipulations are a bit different. You must be between the ages of 16 to 22 years old, must have an interest in music and fashion and must apply before July 31st.

Good luck!

ANGERME audition website:

Miyabi ‘new group’ audition website:


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