My Updated List of Favorite Hello Pro Kenshuusei Members (July, 2015)

It is a new year and there have been numerous changes to the line up of Hello Pro Kenshuusei. Last year, I ranked my favourite members, but this year my ranking has changed completely! Check it out below:

1 - 4 (HPK)


  1. Danbara Ruru
  2. Kaga Kaede
  3. Funaki Musubu
  4. Inoue Hikaru

These are my “Top 4” girls in Hello Pro Kenshuusei. They have shown their talent and potential on countless occasions and many of them happen to be fan favourites. They all sing and perform well on stage. I hope to see each of these girls debut in the near future!

5-8 (HPK)

  1. Ichioka Reina
  2. Takase Kurumi
  3. Horie Kizuki
  4. Onoda Saori

These girls have shown potential, but still need to improve a bit more. In the case of Kurumi, she recently joined the Kenshuusei but has excellent performing skills and a shining personality. She quickly found her way to the top of my list.

9-12 (HPK)

  1. Yokogawa Yumei
  2. Nakano Rion
  3. Akiyama Mao
  4. Takemura Miu

I still have to learn a lot about these girls. Mao and Rion are quite new but their potential and cute faces piqued my interest. Yumei and Miu have been members for a while but they have not shown much improvement since joining the training program. Their vocal technique is sub-par.

13-16 (HPK)

  1. Maeda Kokoro
  2. Ono Mizuho
  3. Yanagawa Nanami
  4. Hashimoto Nagisa

All of these members are still new, so I barely know anything about them. From what I observed during this year’s Kenshuusei test in May they all need to improve their performance skills.

17-20 (HPK)

  1. Okamoto Honaka
  2. Kanatsu Mizuki
  3. Shimano Momoko
  4. Kasahara Momona

I know absolutely nothing about these girls and I have no incentive to learn about them. Their skills need a lot of work and they are the least ready to debut. In the case of Honaka, she is at the top of this section of the list because of her youthful smile and cute face, but in reality she is the worst singer of them all. I hope to see improvement among these girls in the upcoming year.

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