[Updated] My Ranking of Hello Project Members (July, 2015)

It is another year and Hello Project has faced even more changes. It was recently announced that Fukuda Kanon would be graduating in November. Additionally, Berryz Kobo has gone on hiatus, two new units have been formed and Shimamura Uta has left Country Girls. As I get to know the members even more and as their skills improve, my ranking has changed. Take a look at the new ranking below (excluding Fukuda Kanon and Wada Ayaka):

1-10 (HP)

  1. Suzuki Kanon
  2. Okai Chisato
  3. Suzuki Airi
  4. Miyazaki Yuka
  5. Nakanishi Kana
  6. Sasaki Rikako
  7. Kudo Haruka
  8. Oda Sakura
  9. Mitsui Aika
  10. Hamaura Ayano

These girls are the “cream of the crop”. They are pretty talented and have shown a lot of determination. I am either attracted to their beauty, charming personality or exquisite talent.

Suzuki Kanon has maintained her spot from last year and she is not expected to move any time soon. I continued to be highly biased towards her. I just cannot resist her radiant smile, upbeat personality, her positivity about her body and her determination to be the best, despite getting constantly pushed to the back.

Kana and Yuka have moved up, while Sakura moved down. The departure of Berryz Kobo members and my increasing attraction to Kana’s warm personality and Yuka’s cute image may have something to do with this. Sakura is super talented but sometimes she comes across as dull.

Haruka, Rikako and Ayano debuted in the “Top 10”. My interest in these girls has grown and they all have personalities unique to them that make them favourites among the fans.

11-20 (HP)

  1. Tsugunaga Momoko
  2. Nonaka Miki
  3. Takeuchi Akari
  4. Tamura Meimi
  5. Uemura Akari
  6. Takagi Sayuki
  7. Fukumura Mizuki
  8. Hirose Ayaka
  9. Makino Maria
  10. Ikuta Erina

These girls did not make it in my “Top 10” but they are still my favourites. I love each girl for different reasons and they are all pretty talented.

Erina, Miki and Momoko are the only members that were in this section last year. Miki and Erina dropped a bit but that is probably because Morning Musume is not as active as the other groups. Momoko has been very active in Country Girls and I think I prefer seeing her in this leadership role compared to her annoying “cute-pigtailed” Berryz Kobo concept.

Takeuchi Akari and Meimi dropped in my ranking only because I gained interest in other members. Uemura Akari, Sayuki, Ayaka and Mizuki have caught my attention by their exceptional (and improving) vocal talents. Maria has also captured my interest because of her mature appearance and energetic personality.

21 - 30 (HP)

  1. Sato Masaki
  2. Ozeki Mai
  3. Kishimoto Yumeno
  4. Nakajima Saki
  5. Sayashi Riho
  6. Murota Mizuki
  7. Ogata Haruna
  8. Yamaki Risa
  9. Inaba Manaka
  10. Kanazawa Tomoko

This is where my ranking has completed changed. Many members have gone down and a few have found their way up my list. Masaki, Mizuki and Risa went up the list. They have proven themselves to be talented over the past year. Masaki’s improvement has stunned me. Her squeaky voice used to annoy me, but it has matured. Mizuki was a great choice for ANGERME. The group has limited powerful vocalists and Mizuki fills this gap along with Meimi. Mai and Haruna have also gone up the list due their charismatic and funny personalities.

Yumeno is one of the newer members, but her energy and dazzling smile has captured my heart. She is also one of the best singers and performers of her group.

31-40 (HP)

  1. Nomura Minami
  2. Taguchi Natsumi
  3. Ishida Ayumi
  4. Iikubo Haruna
  5. Miyamoto Karin
  6. Inoue Rei
  7. Wada Sakurako
  8. Asukara Kiki
  9. Yajima Maimi
  10. Hagiwara Mai

For the girls in this part of the list, I am aware of their talents, but I have yet to truly get to know their personality or their personality does not completely appeal to me. Minami, Natsumi, Kiki and Rei are great singers that are just about to debut, so I do know much about them as yet. However, I do expect them to rise or fall on this list within the next year.

Karin, Ayumi and Mai are very talented, but there is something that turns me off about each one of them. I dislike the way that Karin gets pushed in the spotlight sometimes. I am actually surprised that Juice=Juice’s line distribution is somewhat fair as of recent. Ayumi is a great dancer, but her voice still needs a lot of work. There is something about the way she sings, its brash, not melodic in any way. I often cringe when I hear her sing live. This can also extend towards Mai as well. She is not the best of singers, but her voice is a bit more bearable than Ayumi’s.

41-50 (HP)

  1. Aikawa Maho
  2. Haga Akane
  3. Katsuta Rina
  4. Ogawa Rena
  5. Fujii Rio
  6. Morito Chisaki
  7. Niinuma Kisora
  8. Tanimoto Ami
  9. Yamagishi Riko
  10. Ogata Risa

These are my least favourite members. Many of these members are still new to Hello Project, so I know little to nothing about them or their skills. However, even though Maho dropped in this list, I am beginning to gain a little more interest in her. She has been showing improvement since her debut with ANGERME, so I am certain she would go up this list within the next year.

Akane, Rena and Rio are still fairly new to the main roster for Hello Project. I know a bit about them, but nothing has really interested me about them and their vocal ability has yet to please me. On the other hand, Chisaki is a pretty good singer but is also pretty dull. She is not really popular among international fans. She has not done anything to make me want to know more about her.

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