[Updated] Favourite AAA members (July, 2015)

Below is my updated list of my favourite members of Japanese group, AAA:

  1. Atae Shinjiroshinshin


I have been gaining more interest in him over the past year or so. I just like the other members a lot more. His voice is very deep and harsh; it is my least favourite in the group. Thankfully, he has an adorable smile and charming personality to make up for it.


  1. Uno Misako


Personally, I think she is a better singer than Chiaki. I admire her distinctive voice, but her personality does not appeal to me as much as the other members. It also scares me how skinny she is. Every time she performs on stage, I fear she may break.


  1. Urata Naoya

I'll be there

I cannot believe he used to be my absolute favourite. I do not know what happened but he dropped to the bottom of this list. I still think he is very sexy and his voice is buttery and compelling. I guess my interest in the other members is growing.


  1. Nishijima Takahiro


This guy gets so much attention it is ridiculous. Initially, he was near the bottom of my list because of this, but I have grown to love him and respect his talents. After Naoya, he is the best singer in this group. I often find myself being captivated by his dancing and singing during their live performances. Because of this, he found his way up my list.


  1. Sueyoshi Shuta

I'll be there

Shuta was also a member that used to be near the end of my list. His voice is not as powerful’s as Nissy’s or as sexy as Naoya’s, but I still really like listening to it. My admiration for him soared after seeing “Love is in the Air”. I do not know what he did, but his cute smile and gestures (and sexy hair) really got to my heart.


  1. Ito Chiaki


Although she is much older than me, she is the cutest member of the group. I am attracted to her natural and softer voice. To be honest, I enjoy hearing her sing a lot more than Misako.


  1. Hidaka Mitsuhiro


You can ask any of my close friends; Hidaka is the person I refer to as my Japanese husband. When I see him or hear his voice, I begin to spazz. I have a thing for rappers and in my opinion; he is one of the best Japanese rappers. I can probably listen to him rap all day. Not only is he a great rapper, but also he is also good-looking and musically inclined.

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