Girls Generation “Party” Review

Yes, this is the time where most girl group songs sound the same. During the summer we hear tons of “fun”, preppy and tropical songs and see idols dance, sing and play by the beach or pool. No other time of year you would see this, but summer. Girls Generation has jumped on this bandwagon with their release for “Party”.

This review will be short because I do not have much to say other than the fact that this was not my cup of tea. I am not sure if it is because I am getting tired of the clichéd summer concept or just genuinely do not like the song, but the song is a bit awkward for me to listen to.

This style may have fit this group years ago, but they have grown and evolved. Their style has changed since their earlier years. If it is one group I expect innovation from, it is Girls Generation, but they released a clichéd upbeat summer tune with corny and awkward ad-libs and spoken parts. I had high expectations for this comeback, but I was disappointed. I felt like I heard this type of song on too many occasions and it did not show the true vocal skill of the girls.

The music video was just as disappointing. It was pretty much clichéd as the song with the girls lounging and dancing by the beach. I know this scene was filmed overseas, but that still is not any consolation for me. The only saviours of this video were the few scenes in the plane and when they were dancing the club, which are also pretty clichéd if you really think about it.

One positive thing about this music video was the girls’ beauty. They were shining in this video and I think that is what really captured the hearts of many fans. Sunny especially looked great in this video with her sexy bathing suit and flaming red hair. That colour works for her!

I guess this was meant to be a fun and festive song that acted as a pre-release for their main songs “Lion Heart” and “You Think” later this month. However, I am still disappointed. Nothing “wowed” me about the song and the video and choreography are not really memorable. From what I have seen from the teasers for “You Think” and “Lion Heart”, they looked a lot more interesting, so I am eagerly anticipating those releases.

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