Jessica has left SM Entertainment, Sulli leaves f(x)

Jessica & Sulli

There has been official confirmation that Jessica has left SM Entertainment. This came as no surprise; I expected this to happen since her to leave the company since her departure from Girls Generation. She is now busy with her fashion company, “Blanc & Eclare”, and has stated that she is happier in her new life. She even looks healthier.

In other news, there has also been confirmation of Sulli’s departure from f(x). This also was not much of a surprise for me. Sulli has been M.I.A since her dating scandal with Dynamic Duo’s Choiza. Honestly, I did not expect her to return from her hiatus. On the plus side, she seems to be spending more time acting, so this may be her direction now that she has left the group. I am saddened by her departure, but she was not one of my favourites and I believe that the group can still function without her.

SM Entertainment is losing a lot of their talented idols. In the past year or so, they have lost EXO’s Kris, Luhan and Tao, Girls Generation’s Jessica and now f(x)’s Sulli. They have also lost their number 1 spot in the entertainment industry to YG Entertainment. However, SM Entertainment seems to be the least bit concerned and continues to engage in poor management. The question that remains is: “What will SM Entertainment do next?”

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