My “Show Me The Money 4” Favourites

I love Korean Hip-Hop and I seemingly love survival competitions. When you mix the two you get “Show Me the Money”! This fourth season has been an interesting and controversial one so far. I was planning to write this post after the competition, but a lot of my favourites (P-Type, Jooheon, Ravi, One, Lil Boi and more) have already been eliminated. Below are some of my favourite competitors of “Show Me the Money 4” (SMTM4):

MINO: Many fans, especially me, favour Mino. Not only has he been a prominent underground rapper, a former candidate for Block B and is from YG Entertainment, but also he is very talented. He has proven himself in every challenge and mission in the show. I was actually hoping to see Jooheon and Mino face each other in the diss battle round, but unfortunately Jooheon was eliminated early on in the competition. I confess that I may be a bit biased towards him because he is my favourite member of Winner, but say what, “Mino is going to win anyway”.

GEEGOOIN: This guy is so strange, but I believe that makes him a great rapper. He is a charismatic and notable performer; he lights up the stage and that is what I like about him.

SUPERBEE: This guy is just too adorable, his hair and shorter stature is what initially drew me to him. He blew me away during the diss battle round. He killed off Team AOMG with his quirky lyrics and confident demeanor. He was completely opposite to his cute looks.

BLACKNUT: I know I am going to get a lot of hate for this, but he has been my favourite from the beginning of the season, and he still is. That does not mean I support or approve of his sexiest comments and disrespectful behaviour; those incidents really pissed me off and left me disappointed in him. However, he does seem regretful of his actions and is a naturally zany guy. You cannot deny that he is talented in the field of rap. I almost died when he dissed the judges for his wrongful elimination. I really hope he continues to progress in the competition and I hope he learnt his lesson. He has to tone down the inappropriate behaviour.


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