Itazura na Kiss ~Love in Tokyo~ 2 Drama Review


Summary: This is the sequel of Itazura na Kiss ~Love in Tokyo~. Kotoko and Naoki are now happily married and in love. Naoki is studying to become a doctor and has already made a notable entrance in the field. However, Kotoko, who is studying nursing, is having a bit more trouble with her profession. Her clumsiness gets in the way and she has to deal with the patients and nurses that sought after Naoki’s heart. In this sequel, many of the same issues from the last season return, but there are many new faces, new relationships and new occurrences!

I really loved the first season and was really excited for the second season. I am usually wary of sequels because they tend to unnecessarily draw out the story, but I felt like I have not had enough of Kotoko and Naoki. I welcomed this season with open arms.

This drama was great, but not as good as its prequel. As I mentioned in the summary, many of the problems from last season rolled over into this season. Naoki is the top intern at his medical school, but is still being chased by girls (and even a guy). This causes Kotoko to constantly worry about her relationship with her husband.

Kotoko is pursuing nursing, but she is not the best at it. Her clumsiness and carelessness get in the way. However, at the end of the drama she has miraculously improved her skills with the help of her husband, her friends and her dedication. On a side note, I seriously thought that Kotoko was going to open a coffee shop. In the first season, the only thing she was great at was making coffee, so this came as a surprise to me.

There are many new faces in this drama. Kotoko has a few new friends and coworkers that we see throughout the series. A few of these friends even get in the way of Kotoko and Naoki’s relationship. Throughout the series there are many instances of jealousy from Kotoko and even Naoki. Kotoko’s past admirer, Kinnosuke, has even formed a new relationship with a foreigner. There is huge surprise with this relationship at the end.

The problems that arise with each episode and the new characters and the relationships between them make this an enjoyable drama to watch. There were a few time lapses between the seasons and within the drama. As time passed, relationships and people grew. Naoki’s brother, Yuki, experienced a growth spurt near the latter half of the drama and even got a love interest, Tomoko. While watching this drama, I felt like I grew with the characters as well.

Initially, Kotoko’s personality annoyed me, but as she changed and matured through the second season I began to see more of myself in her. I guess this is what the director was aiming for. Just like many of us, Kotoko is clumsy, full of doubt and worry about many aspects of her life. However, she tries her hardest to make the best of her situation and improve upon herself. She is HUMAN and many of us face similar experiences.

I also really admire the relationship between Kotoko and Naoki. It is far from perfect, but it was REAL. I want a relationship just like theirs, problems and all. I think the natural and relatable nature of this show is what made me fall in love with it. It made me want more.

I am so sad to see this series come to an end. The intertwining relationships, whacky situations and relatable characters made this drama enjoyable for me. There are a few surprises throughout and at the end of the show, so make sure you watch every episode! I actually cried at the ending, not because it was sad, but because of its beauty. I fully recommend this drama, especially to those who have not watched any Japanese dramas, but will like to start!


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