Bangtan Boys “Dope” Review

Was I the only one that was MIND-BLOWN while watching this music video?

I believe that this is one of Bangtan Boys’ best music videos. It does not have that theatrical or narrative characteristic that I enjoy, nor does it take place outdoors (I am starting to think that my obsession with outdoor sets stems from my Environmental major in school). It was purely a performance video, which suited this group because of their highly technical dance skills and booming charisma.

I cannot count the amount of times I have watched this music video. Everything about it is perfect: the song, the choreography and even the editing of the video had me fascinated. This video was released months ago, but I am still spazzing about it and decided to write a review on it.


Bangtan Boys has accomplished a difficult feat. They have effectively created a blend of dance music and hip-hop. It is true that many KPOP groups try to incorporate rap or some element of hip-hop in pop songs, but most times these songs come off as cheesy, awkward and way too forced. In my opinion, only a few idol groups and artists that have a true understanding of hip-hop and rap can effectively blend these genres. Bangtan Boys, AOMG’s Gray, San E, Block B are a few that comes to mind at this time. I know that there are a few more that can be included in this list.


Moving back to the song, Jungkook and Jimin start off the track by building anticipation for the rest of the song. The song picks up with a dope (pun intended) and addictive beat. The skillful rappers and harmonious singers of the group truly made this into a memorable and wonderful song.

One of my favourite parts of the song is during the bridge when Jungkook and Jimin sing in falsetto. I can assure you that any guy that sings in falsetto will instantly raise my pores, especially these two guys. Jimin has been one of my favourites for a while, but Jungkook has gained a lot more respect from me because of this song.


I love this music video. I confess that I had to watch it a few times to truly appreciate the exceptional quality editing of the video because I was way too busy head-nodding to the song and drooling over the guys and the choreography.

The superimposed scenes, subtle CGI and unique transitions made sure to highlight each member and the choreography without ruining your experience of the song. There were many parts of the video that I did not realize were CGI until I watched the behind the scenes video. This is the type of editing I hope to see more often in music videos.


Usually groups wear coordinated or similar outfits in music videos like this, but it was a unique idea for each member to have a totally different outfit that matched a different career. Let us just say that I really like a guy that is in uniform wink wink.


I hate how much this group makes the hardest choreography look like a piece of cake. They do not seem to break a sweat while doing this dance. I am always amazed by their choreography, and I think that this is their best dance to date.

The powerful and technical dance includes a lot of fast-paced repetitive movements, crotch thrusting and shuffling. I always wonder how this group if capable of performing this choreography on stage while still being synchronized and still sounding really good. Bangtan Boys really deserve to be called one of the best groups in the industry today. Maybe one day when I magically become super skilled I can learn and perform this dance as well.



This comeback gets a ten out of ten from me. I may be highly biased, but I am pretty sure almost everyone agrees that this is song and video is of exceptional quality.

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