Vocal “Powerhouses” of Hello! Project

Hello! Project is a house for idol development. They take in normal girls with little to no entertainment experience and train them to be notable idols and young ladies with purpose. Girls within this organization excel in various fields such as singing, dancing, acting and even variety. There is no limit to what these girls learn.

In this post I will be listing some of the girls that I believe has show exceptional vocal ability since their debut and continue to shine among all the members with their high skill and powerful voices. This list is in order by group and hierarchy within the company:



  1. Suzuki Airi: Airi has been a prominent singer even before her official debut. She has been training for many years and it shows. Her voice is one of the most stable and powerful voices in Hello! Project.


  1. Okai Chisato: Chisato was a “back girl” for many years until her breakthrough in “Campus Life ~Umarete Kite Yokatta~. Her voice has improved a lot and she is now one of the best singers of the group and by extension, Hello! Project.

Morning Musume

August 2015.jpg (1)

  1. Fukumura Mizuki: Mizuki has been a good singer since her Shugo Chara Egg days, but her voice has matured since then. She is very versatile with her voice. She can have a powerful presence or even tone it down with a softer and more melodic tune.

August 2015.jpg (1)

  1. Oda Sakura: When I first heard Sakura in the S/mileage 2nd Generation auditions, I was not too impressed with her voice. However, it seems that she was holding it back at that time because she made a complete 180º turn! She is now one of the most competent and powerful singers of the company. She has a strong voice that resonates with you and has good stability, even during live performances. Her voice makes the most impact on stage.


Nana-Gashin-Sally (July 2015) 1

  1. Fukuda Kanon: It is a pity that she is leaving soon; she was one of the better singers of the group. I really like the way she sings because she puts a lot of emphasis on her syllables. It is not too overwhelming and her tone can be soothing to the ears.

Nana-Gashin-Sally (July 2015)

  1. Takeuchi Akari: I am not sure how to describe Akari’s voice. It is very distinctive; I have not heard a voice like hers anywhere. This is one of the reasons why I love her voice so much. She also has a more stable voice than the rest of the girls in the group. I am wondering if she will become of the main vocalists after Kanon’s departure.

Nana-Gashin-Sally (July 2015) 1

  1. Tamura Meimi: This girl continues to impress me each single. Her voice was initially a little squeaky and high-pitched, but she has improved since then. Her voice fits within a larger range – she can sing really high and low notes really well. Her professional demeanor and cute smile is always a plus too.

Nana-Gashin-Sally (July 2015) 1

  1. Murota Mizuki: Mizuki has just joined the group, but she has proven herself to be a capable singer. Her part in “Taiki Bansei” blew me away. I did not know she had such a powerful voice! After hearing her in the past two singles, she quickly found her way in my favourite vocalists list.



  1. Kanazawa Tomoko: Tomoko is another girl in Hello! Project with a very distinctive voice. She has a lower tone, so I prefer when she sings songs in a lower key, but she also does well with higher pitched songs. She seems to have a good understanding on vocal and music theory. It is evident in her performances.


  1. Takagi Sayuki: Just like Meimi, this girl continues to blow me away. Her voice is so versatile and dynamic! It is powerful and as she said in one of her blogs, it has a bit of a rock feel to it. Sayuki has her own style of singing that I absolutely love. Sayuki is one of the few members that do justice during live stages.


  1. Miyamoto Karin: She may be one of my least favourite members, but I cannot deny the fact that she is a good singer. I guess that is why she is such a fan-favourite. Her voice was fluid and stable since her Kenshuusei days and she continues to improve.

Country Girls

August 2015

  1. Tsugunaga Momoko: Her voice is extremely high and that can sometimes get annoying, but I came to understand that is just how her voice is. This does not make her a bad singer. If you get past the annoying high-pitched tone, you can hear the stability and melodic nature of her singing. In my opinion, she is one of the most experienced and talented singers in the company.

Kobushi Factory


  1. Hirose Ayaka: We have not heard much from her but she has already proven herself with the group’s indies single and during live performances. For a rookie idol, she is already a great singer and she will continue to improve. I anticipate seeing how much she can improve and grow in the future.

Major Debut

  1. Nomura Minami: Her voice is a little weaker than Rei’s and Ayaka’s, but it still has some sort of impact. She has one of the more distinctive voices in the group and I believe that she can be one of the best singers in the company if she stays focused and continues to grow.Major Debut
  2. Hamaura Ayano: She is so adorable! She is one of the rookies that has improved tremendously since joining Hello Pro Kenshuusei. She has learnt how to control her voice and has widened her range. I am really proud of her and hope she becomes one of the lead girls in the group.


  1. Inoue Rei: I was so shocked when I realized that Rei was the youngest member of the group. Her voice is so mature and powerful! She is one of the best singers in the group. I can only imagine how far she would get with her skills in the future!
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  1. This is a really unique and creative post idea, and I enjoyed reading it. Also, don’t worry about Hama-chan becoming a front girl, I’m pretty sure she will. Based off the latest songs, MVs, and promotion photos, it looks like Rei and her will be the two lead vocals.

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