Country Girls: 2nd Single Music Video Review

August 2015 (1)

Country Girl’s 2nd single is entitled “Wakatteiru no ni Gomen ne / Tamerai Summer Time”. It was released on August 5th, 2015. Country Girls has only released two singles since their debut, but this one is my favourite so far because of its theatrical and soothing nature.

Wakatteiru no ni Gomen ne



This song tells a story. It begins with dialogue between Mai and Chisaki who pose as a fighting couple. Chisaki takes on the role as the frustrated girlfriend whose feelings are never realized while Mai poses as the constantly apologizing boyfriend. There is also dialogue between onlookers of the fight and an obachan who reminisces her younger days when she was in love.

I really enjoyed listening to the story within the song. It is an innovative style that Country Girls has mastered. The song also has me nostalgic of those older Hello Project songs, prior to the dance music era. This is the Hello Project that I miss.

August 2015 1

I like the fact that Momoko took a backseat and allowed the younger members to show their talents. When the members of Country Girls were initially announced last year, I expected Momoko to take on a big role as a vocalist since she was the best and most experienced singers in the company. However, Momoko does not get many solo lines in any of the songs. This maybe because Momoko is just a playing manager of the group and her tenure in the group is most likely temporary. Therefore, it is best to let the younger members get the opportunity to grow so they can lead the group in the future.

August 2015

All girls have improved since their major debut. I was especially impressed with Chisaki. I did not realize that she was such a good singer. She has a very stable voice.



This music video is the type of video that gives me hope for Hello Project. It was funny, fresh, and cute. There was a lot of interaction between the members. The song and music video worked together to tell a story. There was even narration from Momoko at the beginning and end as she introduces us to the major conflict, which was resolved by the end of the video.

Country_Girls_I_know_but_I_m_sorry_Promotion_Edit (1)

In the music video we see the conflict between Chisaki and Mai, the fighting couple. We also see the onlookers (Manaka and Risa) gossip about the situation and a very comical obachan (Momoko) cooing about her past loves. This was a very theatrical music video. This type of music video retained my interest from start to finish.

This music video took place in a school setting, which was appropriate for the storyline. The setting was also bright and natural, fitting for a group called Country Girls. The fun and upbeat song, natural setting and great acting skills from the members made this into an amazing music video.


This is one of the most theatrical dances I have seen in a while. The girls make hearts using their arms at the beginning and end of the choreography while Mai and Chisaki engage in dialogue. It was symbolic of the love of this “couple”. There were even some instances of some girls breaking away from the main choreography to engage in dialogue.

This group seems to specialize in a cute and country theme for their songs and choreography, like their name implies. The choreography is relatively simple because they are still rookies. It is a nice change from the high intensity dances usually seen in Hello Project. This group actually reminds me of Juice=Juice with their relaxing and meaningful songs and choreography.

Tamerai Summer Time



This is a sweet and refreshing song. It is a lot mellower than the first A side of this single. The song starts off with soft “sha la la la’s” and progresses into a relaxing melody of background harmonies and choruses by the (mostly) soothing voices of the girls. While “Wakatteiru no ni Gomen ne” made me laugh, “Tamerai Summer Time” made me relaxed.

The girls have considerably improved their vocals since their 1st single. Momoko and Manaka really rocked this song with their softer voices. On the other hand, Risa’s harsher voice stood out too much in the song. I cringed while listening to her. She strains her voice and the endings of her sentences are always off key. She has a bit more work to do on her vocal skills.



This summer song had an equally calming and bright video. The music video was filmed outdoors in Hokkaido. The original concept of Country Musume was that all the members were to be from Hokkaido. This has obviously changed throughout the years, especially with the creation of Country Girls, but I still thought it was an interesting detail to have the video filmed here.

Country_Girls_Hesitating_Summer_Time_Promotion_Edit (1)

Through this music video, I saw the beauty of Hokkaido. It is amazing that beautiful places like this still exist in the world today. The girls all looked lovely in their white dresses, which was a nice contrast to the colorful natural setting. I could imagine how Uta would have shined in this music video, but we would not open past wounds.


I do not have much to say about the choreography other than it is a cute, feminine and refreshing as the song. It is mainly simple with a lot of spins, sways and small movements. As I mentioned earlier in this post, the girls are probably sticking to easy choreography since they are still a relatively new group and their songs are calm and slow-paced.


I was never a huge fan of Country Musume, but I am becoming a big fan of Country Girls. They are still very inexperienced, but have proven their potential as rookies. Their songs are cute and uplifting, it is different from what we usually hear from Hello Project groups these days and I love it!


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