Why I am internally crying at the moment

Earlier this year, it was announced that Big Bang would be making a stop in Toronto for their “MADE” series world tour. I was overly excited at the opportunity to see my favourite boy-group perform in a city near me. It was a dream come true. I did not hesitate to buy my ticket and promote the concert on my blog. I was counting down the days until the concert, which is set to take place this Tuesday at the Air Canada Center.

Unfortunately, I recently realized that I would be unable to attend the concert. It is happening on a Tuesday, which is my busiest day of the week. I have classes from 8:30am to 8:20pm and all classes are mandatory attendance. Even if I tried to make the concert after my classes, there was no way I would get there on time since I live two hours away from Toronto.

I also have two exams, a job interview and an assignment due on that day. Therefore, it is impossible for me to attend this concert. I was left with the distressing choice of selling my tickets.

I am truly sorry, but because I would not be attending the concert next week, there will be no recap of the concert from me. Trust me, I shed actual tears while putting up my tickets for sale and I am still hurting on the inside.

It is heart-breaking that I would not get to see my favourite boy-group perform their amazing songs. I will not be shouting to T.O.P hoping that he notices me; I will not see Daesung’s prize-winning smile, nor Seungri’s crazy’s antics, Taeyang’s sexy body or G-Dragon’s booming charisma. I feel terrible thinking about all the things I will be missing out on. Hopefully, they will return to Canada in the near future. I will be sure to have a front row seat when that time comes.

  1. Even as a person who doesn’t listen to K-Pop, I’m sorry for your inability to attend. Life can be a pain sometimes. Being an overseas fan of anything does mean for some pretty crappy situations, like language barrier and rarely being able to see a group live. I don’t know much about Big Bang, but MADE is their second world tour, so I do see a chance of them having a third in the near future, and I’m sure they’ll return to somewhere near you. I hope you’ll be able to go then!

  2. I’m sorry to hear that ;( I live in Australia, particularly in a city that is not as well known compared to places like Sydney. You see, it is quite uncommon for kpop idols to come to Aus and when they do, they only have a very few concerts in usually Sydney. I’m in Perth on the other side so there is no way I can attend. I understand you!! 😭😭

    • That’s so sad to hear! I am originally from the Caribbean, a kpop group won’t really go there to perform. That’s why I am always grateful for the few concerts I got to attend since I moved to Canada.
      I would love to visit Australia some time though! It is on my bucket list! ^^

  3. I became a BIG BANG fan back in 2009 and for the past 6 years I waited patiently for them to announce a concert here in Mexico, and they finally did it right when I had no money to buy the tickets. So yeah, I also went through ‘actual tears’ like three times. But I try to stay possitive and think that they might get another world tour in the future. I hope they’ll come back to North America and we’ll both get to see them :3

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