Unpretty Rapstar Season 2 Favourites

Unpretty Rapstar Season 2 is currently airing and is already on their fifth episode. It has only a few weeks into the season and a lot has happened. A few people have been eliminated, while others were randomly added to the show. One person even left because of health issues. The lineup is constantly changing.

It should be no surprise that I am avidly following this show. Dramas and all other variety shows have taken a backseat as I devote the little spare time I have to watching this show. Throughout these few weeks, I have begun to favour a few of the competitors. I have also gotten to dislike a few as well, but for this post we will be focusing on my favourites. I have done a similar post for Show Me the Money 4 contestants, which you can see here.

Below is a list of some of my favourite rappers of this season, so far. This will probably change as the series progresses.



Yubin may be the assigned rapper for the Wonder Girls, but I never really considered her to be an actual rapper. She may have the voice of one, but I thought her skills were not up to par. However, Yubin has proved me wrong with this show. She has been doing exceptionally well since the start of the show. She broke the stereotype of idol rappers and even some of the underground rappers commended her.



hqdefault (1)

I have a love-hate relationship with Truedy. I really admired her at the beginning of the show. She is no doubt, one of the best rappers in this show. She has flow, her lyrics hit hard and her charisma booms every time she performs. Another reason that may have attracted me to her was the fact that she does sound a lot like Yoon Mi Rae, my favourite rapper of all time. On the other hand since she won the first mission Truedy has become increasingly arrogant and that annoys me. She may have the talent, but sometimes respect and a bit of humility is needed as well.




If I were to rate her skills, I would rate them as average. Her rapping is not terrible, but her skills do not really stand out from the rest. She is one of my favourite competitors because of her beauty and bubbly personality. Female rappers are usually stereotyped as badass and well “unpretty”, but KittiB is the opposite of that. She is pretty and full of aegyo.

Honorable mentions:



Hyolyn still has a lot to do to improve her rapping skills, but she also surprised me. I was one of the many people that were shocked and doubtful about her joining the show, but her rapping is not really that bad. She did much better than expected. She is not one of my favourites in this show, but I must commend her hard work.



She is talented and is another one of the best rappers in the competition. She is not really all that arrogant like Truedy, but there is something about her that ticks me off. I cannot put a finger on what it is, but I really do not like her. Maybe this would change as the show progresses.

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