My Current Most Played J-POP songs

Earlier this year, I released a list of my “Top 100 Favourite Japanese Songs”. As I was going through my music player, I recognized that my most played Japanese songs did not really reflect my “Top 100” list. I came to realize that this is because there are certain songs that I listen to depending on my mood. These songs may not be my favourite songs, but they allow me to immerse myself in my emotions or help me get through a bad day.

Below is the list of my current most played Japanese songs. Maybe these songs can help you get through a rough day as well:

  1. Dream After Dream – AAA

This song was one of the top songs in my favourites list. I love its high energy and the amazing choreography associated with it. I especially love Hidaka’s rap at the beginning and end of the song!

  1. Amai Melody – Kikkawa Yuu

This is another upbeat song from one of my favourite female Japanese artists. There were a lot of songs from Kikkawa Yuu on my “Top 100” list. If I am in a need for a “pick-me-up”, I listen to this fun and festive song. Another reason why I think I really like this song is because of its music video. In the video, Kikka wore a glittery two-piece outfit embellished with feathers, similar to what Natives wear. The outfit is also quite similar to the costumes that the people of my country wear during a festival known as Carnival.

  1. Iinazuke Blue –

This was also in my “Top 100” list. It is the first song that I heard from the group. This is another “pick-me-up” electronic dance track that I enjoy listening to.

  1. 1000 Years Always By My Side – SHINee

This is my favourite SHINee song. Its sweet lyrics and soothing melody is really nice to listen to when I am feeling sad or upset. It calms me as I fall in love with the soulful vocals of the members.

  1. Tiki Bun – Morning Musume ‘14

When this song was just released I listened to it every day for many weeks. This was an excellent song to send of Michishige Sayumi and it has seen much success in sales. I cannot help but to dance every time I hear this song!

  1. Wonderful World – Juice=Juice

If you read my review for this single, you would know how much I love this song and its positive message. If I ever feel down or hopeless I can always count on this song to give me a new positive outlook on life.

  1. Lights – AAA

I am not usually a fan of AAA’s ballads, but I really love this song. I confess to listening to this song very often when I am sad. It does not really make me feel less sad, but I really do not mind crying while singing along to this song.

  1. Hate –

I am surprised that this group appeared on this list more than once. I guess their music always put me in a good mood. Just like “Iinazuke Blue”, this song is an electronic dance track infused with rapping. It is a “feel-good” song.

  1. Taiki Bansei – ANGERME

This is currently my favourite song from ANGERME. I am almost certain that this song would put you in a good mood with its preppy disco sound. The repetitive and fun choreography is just a bonus!

  1. Akikaze no Answer – Flower

The first time I heard this song, I listened to it for almost the whole day and I am still in love with this song. It is the first time I have really paid attention to this group. This is a suitable song for autumn and a nice song to listen to when you are sad. This is another song that does not immediately put me in a better mood, but allows me to have a moment of reflection and serenity. I usually feel much better after listening to this song a couple of times.

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