The Rookie Watch (Part 3)


This group has been long awaited by many fans. After two survival shows and many months of preparation, they have finally made their debut. Maybe, I anticipated them for too long or I was too hyped, but their debut did not blow my mind. It was not bad, but I expected a little bit more. Nevertheless, they are a group to watch out for because of the talented members and already large fan base.


This is another group that had their debut delayed for an extended period of time. I used to watch their streamed shows years ago, but I soon lost interest in them, especially when Samuel left. As years went by, I believed that they would have never debuted. Thankfully, they have finally made their debut this year and their music is fantastic. Their songs have been upbeat and fun to listen to, and their live performances never cease to entertain me. They are one of the best rookie groups where dancing is concerned. Their years of training have definitely paid off.

Monsta X

I followed the “No Mercy” survival show and I closely watched the debut of this group. I may still be a bit hurt that #gun was not added to the final lineup, but I am satisfied with the music the group has made so far. They have improved since their start and have been creating unique music that blends hip-hop with other genres. I believe that this group will be competing with groups like Bangtan Boys, Block B and B.A.P where musical style and concepts are concerned.


JYPE seems to be really into this band concept with Wonder Girls’ new concept and the debut of DAY6, JYP’s most recent boy group. Their music has yet to fully captivate me, but I am developing an interest in the members. I have seen their “V” broadcast and the members seem down-to-earth and talented.

JJY Band

The lead singer is not really new to the industry, but this band debuted together earlier this year. Their songs have been mostly rock songs, making them different from the usual clichéd songs heard in the industry. This is a nice change. Before I discovered K-POP, I was really into alternative rock music. Their music gives me a taste of nostalgia while still having that Korean element that I love.


This is another band that has been making a difference in the Korean music industry. N.Flying is FNC Music’s latest band and they have a unique concept of mixing hip-hop and rock music. Their debut album was heaven to me. I really love when genres cross over like this. It makes an all-new sound never really heard anywhere else. I love the innovation of this group and I will be keeping an eye on them for future releases.

Oh My Girl

I really dislike the name of this group. It is so awkward and does not really make sense to me, but I guess that is what makes it memorable. On the other hand, I really love their music. I am not really a fan of candy pop music, but this group does well in this genre. It reminds me of how I fell in love with A Pink upon their debut because of their cute concept and catchy songs. Their debut title song, “Cupid”, was amazing. Their vocals really shine, despite their young age. I really like their latest comeback as well. They are really the sister group of B1A4.

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