My Current Most Played K-POP songs

Earlier this year I released a list of my “Top 100 K-POP songs”. In this post I will be listing my most played K-POP songs.

You may be asking: “How does this list differ from the “Top 100” list? Well, the songs are different and this is mostly because I have those certain songs I listen to depending on my mood. In other words, my mood is the biggest influence on the music I listen to.

Below is a list of my current most played Korean songs. I made another version of this list with Japanese songs, which you can see here. Hopefully, these songs can help you get through whatever you are going through or help you feel better after a bad day. 

  1. Dope – Bangtan Boys

If you read my review, you know how much I love this song. I will listen to this song no matter what mood I am in. If I am angry or sad, this song will instantly make me feel better. The boys’ charismatic rapping and soulful vocals make my heart flutter and give me a boost in energy. I also try (and fail) to do the choreography each time I hear the song.

  1. 1, 2, 3 – Purfles

I was surprised to see this song on the list. Purfles is still a pretty new rookie group and this song is not very well known. I really like the song for its intensity and upbeat nature. The powerful vocals of the girls repeated singing “Na Na Na” really helps put me in a good (and dancing) mood.

  1. Happiness – Red Velvet

This is one of the songs that I listened to constantly upon its release. It is a really happy and cheerful song that is guaranteed to put you in a good mood.

  1. La La La (ft. Soya) – Mighty Mouth

This song was on my “Top 100” list. It is an older song but it has a festive and tropical concept that puts me in a good mood. It is quite reminiscent of the music from my home country in the Caribbean, which is probably another reason why I listen to it so much.

  1. I’m him – Mino

This song makes me feel like I am a badass. Mino’s deep voice and cheeky lyrics makes me feel like I can take on anyone and everyone. If I need enthusiasm to get over an obstacle in life, I can assure you that this song will do the trick.

  1. Good Boy – G-Dragon and Taeyang

Other than being completely in love with G-Dragon and Taeyang, this dance track is another song with a good vibe. When this song was just released, I went crazy by listening to it a few times a day. I do not listen to it as much anymore, but I definitely do not skip it when it comes up on shuffle and I do not hesitate to dance along.

  1. Crazy – 4minute

4minute created a hit with this song. When it was released, I listen to the song and watched the music video every single day. This is another song that made me feel like a badass that could rule the world. This song gave me more optimism than positive quotes and documentaries of successful people who overcame their hardships.

  1. Catch Me If You Can (Korean Version) – Girls Generation (SNSD)

Many of the songs on this list are songs that I listened to a lot upon their release. This song is also one of them. The song and choreography was edgy and put me in an energetic mood. If I were tired during my late night study sessions, I would listen to this song to give me a quick boost.

  1. Melted – Akdong Musician

Many of the songs in this list were “pick-me-up’s”, but this song is the complete opposite. This sad ballad makes me cry each time. After reflecting, listening to this song and crying it out, I feel renewed and refreshed. For me, sometimes when I bask in my emotions while listening to a sad song, I end up feeling better in the end.

  1. Aah Oop – Mamamoo

I expected this song to be on this list, but I did not expect it to be so high up on the list! This song always makes me cheerful and high-spirited, but I think I play this song so much just because I really love Mamamoo and their music. This retro-themed song is a perfect fit with their vocals and Esna was the perfect addition with her distinctive voice and honest lyrics.


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