My Favourite Anime Series

This post is not really music related, but it is a topic I have wanted to talk about for a while. Not only am I a fan of Asian music, I also really love watching anime!

What I love about anime the most is its wide variety. Just like music, there are many genres of anime out there that can appeal to people of varying interests. There is anime for action lovers, romantics, and even for the perverts (don’t try to hide it!). Because these shows are animated, there is a lot of room in the plot to create dynamic and spontaneous plots and characters. The sky is the limit in anime and the Japanese are usually good at creating innovative illustrations and story lines.

Many of my friends like the action-typed anime like “One Piece”, “Naruto” and “Attack on Titans”. I tend to divulge myself in anime that contains a lot of romance, comedy and maybe some magical aspects. I can honestly say that my girlish side shows up the most while I watch anime. I confess that I have not watched anime for quite a while due to my busy schedule and complete devotion to K-POP, Korean dramas and variety television. Hopefully, whenever I get a little break, I would dive right back into the world of anime.

Below is a list of my some of my favourite anime shows:

  1. Fruits Basket

fbThis anime is lighthearted, funny and magical. There are also a few serious and heart-breaking scenes thrown into the plot. This is one of the shows from my childhood that I deeply cherish.

  1. Full Metal Alchemist


I said that I did not really watch much action anime, but this show is one of the few anime with action that I tolerate. It has an interesting plot and a few funny scenes that kept me interested.


Also, Edward was one of my first anime crushes.

  1. Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu


This has to be one of the strangest anime I have seen. Trust me, I know there are stranger anime than this, but this is one that I was willing to watch. This anime focuses on the supernatural and had many occurrences that confused, but yet fascinated me. The strangeness of this anime is what really made me fall in love with it.

  1. Peach Girl


I LOVE this anime. This show focuses on Momo, a girl with low self-esteem because of her tanned skin. She gets bullied on a daily basis because of her physical appearance, so she makes the effort to change herself. Her ex-best friend, Sae, tries to make Momo’s life a living hell and even tried to take away Momo’s crush. However, at the end of the anime Momo pushes through all the stigma and prejudice. She even falls in love with a guy who appreciated her for who she really was. I love this anime because it is so relatable. I really wish that a drama version of this anime would be made soon.

  1. Skip Beat


This anime is unique. It is about a girl, Kyouko, who was betrayed by the guy that she loves. She tries to seek revenge by becoming more famous than him. There are the usual elements of romance, comedy and betrayal, but with a twist as this story focuses on the entertainment industry. This anime has been remade into a Taiwanese drama starring Super Junior’s Donghae and Siwon. You can check out the review I wrote for it here.

  1. Shugo Chara


The number one reason I love this anime is because it introduced me to some of my favourite J-POP artists. That’s right, Shugo Chara brought me into the world of Hello Project. Shugo Chara changed my life when I fell in love with its theme music, which happened to be Buono’s “Rottara Rottara” at the time. Otherwise, I enjoyed this anime because of its magical elements, positive messages and because I had a huge crush on main antagonist, Ikuto.


  1. Lucky Star


This has to be the most random anime on this list. There was no romance or action in this anime; it was pure ‘slice of life’ and comedy. This anime was relatable and hilarious. I was laughing with every episode.

  1. Ouran High School Host Club


This is one of those ‘gender-bender’ anime. A girl is mistaken for a guy, and must participate in her school’s host club that serves the purpose of entertaining the rich young ladies of Ouran High School. Her identity is eventually found out and that leads to a few of the guys falling for her. There are many funny instances and misunderstandings because of this. It was a pity that the anime was so short. I really wish there was a second season!

  1. Cardcaptor Sakura


This is one of the first anime I have ever watched. This is another anime that is an integral part of my childhood. Every day after school, I came home and sat in front of the television and waited for this show to air. This show is a classic. There is a bit of romance, but the themes of magic and friendship are more prominent. I used to wish that I had magical powers like Sakura and a cute sidekick like Kero. I may watch this anime again to relive in the nostalgia.

  1. Vampire Knight


I do not watch many vampire-themed anime, but this one just happened to make my list of favourites. Usually, vampire shows highlight the events that occur as vampires try to fit into human society, but this anime depicts the war between different vampire races. There are also some elements of romance, mystery and action in the show. The characters are also very good-looking and their powers and outfits are just an added bonus. If I was good-looking and mastered the art of cosplay, I would have loved to dress as the main character, Yuki. It would be interesting to dress up in the uniform and wield her weapon, Artemis.

  1. Naruto


I would just like to clarify that I am referring to the first season of Naruto and not Naruto Shipuuden. I gave up after a few episode of the second season. This anime has been going on for too long. This is one of the most popular anime out there. I guess it gets a lot of attention because of its detailed storyline and lively action scenes. I especially like this anime because of the magical scenes and the range of personalities found among the characters. It is quite evident that a lot of thought and effort was placed into character development and the storyline.

  1. Durarara!!


This is another strange anime with a surprising amount of violence. This anime combines the supernatural, magic and gang violence. Despite its violent nature, it is actually a funny and interesting anime to watch. This anime is pretty much like Lucky Star where randomness is concerned, but that makes it even more enjoyable to watch!

  1. Inuyasha


A lot of people watched this anime during their childhood years, but I watched this anime during my adolescent years. This anime is the perfect mix of magic and romance. Although the main character, Kagome, annoyed the crap out of me, there were times where I related to her. She was strong-minded and determined, and never hesitated to support her friends and risk herself for others. In this anime I had a crush on FOUR characters. This was another incentive to watch the show.


  1. Rurouni Kenshin


This was my first anime. This anime will always have a special place in my heart. Yes, there are tons of violence and bloodshed in this anime, but there is also a lot of romance, which works out well for me. This anime has a quality script, dynamic characters and amazing action scenes that kept a pacifist like me (LOL) interested. The music for the anime is also amazing. I can watch this anime 100 times and never get bored.

  1. Lovely Complex


To be honest, comparing scripts, plot and characters, this anime is not half as good as Rurouni Kenshin. Then, why is this my number one anime? This is because it is a 100% romcom anime with a concept that really resonated with me. In this plot, love blossoms between two best friends, an awkward tall female and a very short egotistical basket baller. This anime was so real. It showed that not every relationship is perfect. Couples go through many rough patches. The girl is not always beautiful with a perfect body and the guy is not always good-looking and a complete ladies’ man. These characters not only faced problems related to love, but also battled personal problems about their bodies, school and skills. I relate to this drama 100%. The characters even had that dream relationship that I have always wanted. Together the main characters overcome their problems and learned to love each other and themselves. This is the best romcom anime I have seen.

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