The Devil Known as “Youtube Red”


“YouTube Red” is the latest talk in town in the KPOP and JPOP fanbase. Over the past few days, many fans in the United States have been restricted access to music from their favourite artists. Fans of Japanese music have been the main victims of this circumstance as they are denied access while trying to watch music videos, dance covers, song covers, and reaction videos.

This is all happening because of a new service that YouTube is providing called “YouTube Red”. This service is meant to be a new type of membership where people pay a monthly subscription to gain access to special membership promos including: limited ads, exclusive access to creator content and the ability to save and play videos offline. The trial period for the United States begins on October 28th.

This only seems to be affecting United States residents at the moment. I live in Canada and I still have access to the videos from my favourite Japanese artists, so I was a bit confused when I initially saw the complaints. However, reading into the situation and the recent news, I became increasingly concerned.

This service sounds interesting and all, but it takes away the complimentary nature of YouTube that everyone loved. There are so many websites on the Internet that requires you to pay a membership fee. They segregate premium members from typical users. Premium members enjoy numerous amenities while those who cannot afford the service is left with limited access and little opportunity to enjoy the website. As much as I do not want to admit it, it is almost like some type of marginalization.

I know that there are creators that depend on YouTube as their sole source of revenue, but I am really upset that the one “free” site that everyone enjoyed is changing their initial ideology and prohibiting us from the things we love. International fans are already so far away from their idols. This service will only push us further away from them. I hate the fact that almost everything in life is becoming monetized. I hate the fact that I have to invest money that I do not have just to see and appreciate the music from my favourite artists.

As I said, this has only happened in the United States so far and I am only ranting. However, YouTube is a global network, so I would not be surprised if this service is rolled out on a global scale soon. Unfortunately, this also affects me as some of my fanmade videos have been blocked in the United States. Therefore, I will temporarily remove my “videos” page until further notice (or until I can transfer all my videos to Dailymotion). I apologize for the inconvenience and I hope that YouTube reevaluates this service.

  1. I am very very unhappy with the change.

    So we really can’t share Jpop videos from YouTube on our posts anymore. All my blog posts about the videos are now worthless.

    I’m still steamed and I’m going out on strike.

  2. Oh, lucky you in Canada.

    First I have to drive over the border to buy cheap prescriptions, now I have to cross the border just to watch AKB48 videos.

    You know, they are coming for your country next, right?

    • Yeah, I know that very well. I am hoping that some sort of action is taken before this “curse” is spread throughout the rest of the world.

      That may be wishful thinking though. YouTube is such a large organization, I don’t know if a few voices will make any impact :/

      How do you plan to take this strike though?

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