Currently Watching Dramas (October 2015)

Blood (2015)
Starring: Ahn Jae Hyun and Goo Hye Sun
Episodes seen: 12
Rating: 5.5
Notes: I am slowly getting by with this drama. I never expected to get so far. At this point in the series, interesting events have been happening within the 21A Ward. I admit that the mystery around this ward has me a bit intrigued, but there is still very little that is admirable about this show.

Healer (2014)
Starring: Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young
Episodes seen: 10
Rating: 6.0
Notes: Ji Chang Wook has captured my heart. I feel really sympathetic towards him because of what happened to his father. On the other hand, Park Min Young’s character, Young Shin, is incredibly annoying. Her insolent and careless behaviour is a huge turnoff for me. I do not know if this was the writer’s aim to create a “strong-minded female”, but it does not encourage me to continue watching the show.

Secret Garden (2010)
Starring: Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won
Episodes seen: 14
Rating: 8.4
Notes: I am trying to figure out if I still love Joo Won or not. He can be arrogant, but he also has his loveable sides. Gil Ra Im, is an example of a strong-willed and strong-minded female character. Other than being physically strong due to her stunt person career, she is also independent, and does not find herself in unnecessary or dangerous situations. She is not a damsel in distress and speaks her mind. She has integrity for herself, her friends and her family. She is one of the best lead female characters I have come across.

NB: I am currently still trying to work on my Philip Lee obsession.

Orange Marmalade (2015)

Starring: Yeo Jin Goo and Seol Hyun
Episodes seen: 6
Rating: 6.0
Notes: I am so annoyed by this show. I was expecting to watch a clichéd drama about vampires and modern day school life, but instead it has turned into a clichéd historical vampire drama. I am still confused why this drama took this sudden turn. I am not a fan of historical dramas, so it is taking me a while to finish this one as well.

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