New Members of Country Girls!

New members

Country Girls recently held their 1st anniversary event. This event marked the return of playing manager, Tsugunaga Momoko, after her recent decline in health. During the event, other shocking news was revealed when it was announced that Country Girls would be getting TWO new members! These members are none other than Hello Pro Kenshuusei members, Yanagawa Nanami and Funaki Musubu!

Hello Project seems to be dropping a lot of big news lately. I would have never imagined that the lineup of this group would change so soon, but there was the departure of the group’s ace, Shimamura Uta, to take into consideration. Are these girls Uta’s replacements or is management planning for something big in the future?

Yanagawa Nanami

Nanami is fairly new to Hello Project. She has only been a Kenshuusei for a couple of months. I believe that she must have a lot of talent and potential since management decided to debut her at this early stage.


On the other hand, I am elated that Musubu finally gets to debut. She has showed marked improvement since her first days in the Kenshuusei and has the potential to be one of Hello Project’s best performers. Not to mention, she is also very adorable!

I hope to see a lot from them in the future. I am curious to see the impact they make in the group. Congrats to both girls on their major debut!

N.B: In other news there is still NO UPDATES on the 4th Generation ANGERME audition.

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