Potential Aces of Morning Musume ‘16

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With the recent graduation announcement of Morning Musume 15’s current ace, Sayashi Riho, I cannot help but to wonder who will succeed this prestigious role.


Since the 9th Generation audition, Riho has showcased tremendous talent and potential as a performer. Not only is she determined and levelheaded, but her dancing and singing skills were some of the best in the group and in Hello Project. Many of her seniors and peers admired her, and her juniors looked up to her.


Which member within the group has an equal amount of talent, discipline and determination to succeed the role that Riho is leaving behind? Below is a list of my predictions for the next possible ace of Morning Musume:

Fukumura Mizuki


Mizuki is currently the leader and one of the main vocalists of the group. She is a competent and stable vocalist during live performances and studio recordings. As a leader, she already shows a great deal of discipline. I believe that she is a potential candidate for the next ace because of these traits. Will she get the majority of Riho’s lines after her departure?

Ishida Ayumi

Ayumi 31

She is not a strong vocalist, but she is the group’s best dancer. She also slays live performances and just like Riho, Ayumi is very determined and focused. I believe that she is a justifiable candidate for the next ace of the group, but still needs to brush up on her singing skills.

Sato Masaki


Masaki has been improving remarkably over the past few years. She has stabilized her singing and her vocal range has increased. She has the most growth out of all the members in the group. Management recognizes her efforts and has been giving her a lot more spotlight in singles and live performances. However, she still lacks a bit of discipline. She is still quite young and childish, though this is what makes a lot of fans love her. Maybe, if she works on her behaviour and self-control a bit more, she would be the perfect ace for the group in the future.

Oda Sakura


Sakura is currently the main vocalist of the group. Her voice is powerful and versatile – it sounds good in any song and in any condition, live or in studio. Because of her vocal talent I believe that she is the most probable candidate to succeed Riho’s role.

Nonaka Miki

Miki 1

This is a far stretch, but I noticed that Miki has been pushed the most out of all the rookies in the group. She achieved the center role in “Ima Sugu Tobikomu Yuuki” and “One & Only”. She has a strong background in dance and her singing, though it still needs much work, is quite good. She is the least probable candidate, but I can see her being one of the main members in the future.

  1. Pretty sure Sakura or Miki will be the next ace though, they’re atleast my favourites, Masaki and Ayumi are pretty amazing too :3 Mizuki could become the next ace, although i’m not very fond of her.. but Sakura or Miki is most likely, Sakura has an amazing voice and Miki is good at english and seems so adorable :3

    • When I made this post I never believed that H!P would actually put Duu in the center. Even though she was very deserving of it. I was used to the company missing opportunities like that (e.g. Zukki, Linlin, etc). However, I am very glad that I was mistaken. In their latest singles, Duu has been given a clear center role and that makes me super happy. They have made a good decision!

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